Grinding and pumping solutions for meat and bones
Industrial application in the meat industry

Blood, guts, bones, heads and hooves – the meat industry generates large quantities of this waste, some of which is critical to the food industry and must be disposed of professionally. In addition to effective and gentle pumping of viscous, shear-sensitive fluids, maceration of residual and waste materials also plays a major role in ensuring the most economical pumping processes.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of Vogelsang pumps, they are ideal for integration within existing production processes. The intelligent lobes minimize vibrations, thereby preventing the formation of foam when pumping blood. Solid and foreign matter can either be pumped without damaging them or they can be shredded. A specifically designed combination of pumps and grinders is provided for this purpose: the RedUnit from Vogelsang. Using an XRipper and a RotaCut, large quantities of dry matter are grinded either finely or coarsely, making them easy to dispose of or use in subsequent processes. The size-reduction ratio is crucial (e.g. for use in biogas plants), as smaller particles provide a better surface area for bacteria, therefore generating more gas.

The connection of pump and shredding technology in one processing step is a specialty of Vogelsang, as the company focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of its products in the interests of its customers. Because it saves space and power while also being highly effective, the RedUnit is well-established not only in the food industry, but also in the waste management sector worldwide.

Media processed in the meat industry

Blood Bones Guts Hides

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