Solids reduction machine RedUnit by Vogelsang

The customised and modular industrial grinder

  • Individual adaptation through modular design
  • Compact and sturdy
  • High availability thanks to quick and easy service
  • Added safety due to cartridge mechanical seal technology
  • Low electricity consumption


This industrial waste grinder turns solid matter into pumpable media
How the industrial waste grinder RedUnit works

The grindable media such as organic waste, plastic waste or sugar beets are first fed into the RedUnit via a hopper. Additional fluid can be optionally added there using the VX rotary lobe pump. During the first stage a coarse grinding by the XRipper XRL happens. The media are then conveyed into the mixing drum of the RotaCut RCQ, where they are mixed with the fluid and grinded by the rotors to a more specific size in a second stage. The entire media are then pumped by the CC series progressive cavity pump to the destination of the customer’s choice.

More on the components of the RedUnit

Solids reduction machine for industrial applications
Application areas for the RedUnit

The RedUnit is the grinding and pumping combination from Vogelsang. It has many different advantages compared to the separate products, e.g. its compact design and low electricity consumption. With our engineering department we design every industrial grinder RedUnit specifically customized to the needs of every customer and his specific application. It is developed as a complete engineering unit, including an advanced control system to maximize the efficiency of the complete system. The industrial grinder can be produced in stainless steel for demanding applications.

The RedUnit offers a high availability thanks to the quick and easy concept of its individual components: the grinder XRipper XRL, the RotaCut wet grinder, a progressive cavity pump of the CC series and/or a rotary lobe pump of the VX series.


Digitalize your product!
Control technology for Vogelsang technology

Investing in our progressive and smart control technology significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of Vogelsang machines and systems. It captures and continuously monitors key parameters like the capacity or throughput rate, rpm, pressure and power consumption. The control detects malfunctions early, and rectifies them by intervening appropriately. The integrated communication interfaces like ProfiNet and OPC UA can exchange data with other systems or a superordinate control in real time.

At the same time, the web-based user interface displays all key data clearly in all major browsers. Optionally, the data can be accessed on mobile devices for remote monitoring.

Our experts’ experience from hundreds of applications in various areas constantly inspires our software development and lays the foundation for the major benefits for the users: low operating costs, maximum availability and efficiency.

Our range of controls offers the right solution for all machine requirements and all customers’ needs. From ready-to-use, factory-tested and commissioned system solutions for end users, to basic versions for experts who want to put the finishing touches to the control technology themselves.

Features of the RedUnit

Even though the RedUnit offers multiple grinding stages and various pump options, it can be integrated into your system space-efficiently even in tight spaces, thanks to its compact and rugged design.
The modular structure of the RedUnit allows you to choose from a range of pumps and grinding stages according to your individual requirements. Therefore, you end up with a customized grinding system.
The RedUnit is a complete grinding unit. Therefore, there are no additional pumps or feed screws required between the separate grinding stages, which is really good news for your electricity consumption.
Long downtimes and high costs for maintenance are a thing of the past: spare parts such as Ripper rotors, cutting blades, and the Quality Cartridge can be replaced easily without needing to dismantle the product.
Quality cartridge: The mechanical seal for pumps by Vogelsang
The Vogelsang Quality Cartridge stands for modern sealing technology. The mechanical seal in cartridge design is manufactured automatically in the factory, completely pre-assembled and checked by computer. This makes it quick and easy to change on site: assembly errors are avoided and the time required is reduced. This means quick and easy replacement of the shaft seal as well as safe commissioning after seal replacement.

Additional information:

The monolithic Ripper rotors are made of a high-quality steel block. They transfer the torque evenly from the shaft to the rotors, thereby enabling an even greater load. Service and maintenance work can be completed in a short time because far fewer individual parts need to be replaced when changing parts.

Additional information:

Options of the RedUnit

An optional control system to get maximum efficiency of the plant can be added to the RedUnit.
The RedUnit is also available in a stainless steel variant for abrasive applications.

The series of the industral waste grinder RedUnit

  • The soft grinder[br]XRL136
  • The universal grinder[br]XRL186
  • For the rough stuff[br]XRL260

The soft industrial shredding machine
Industrial shredding machine RedUnit XRL136

The XRipper XRL136 series is a twin-shaft grinder and optimally suited for processing easily shreddable solids such as fruit, vegetables and offal. It is located in the lower torque range. With a maximum inlet opening of 280mm x 320mm, it grinds input materials up to a diameter of 150mm. Here, the coarse and brittle components are ground, while solids are shredded. Ripper rotors with different cutting widths are available for adaptation to the medium and the degree of comminution.

The industrial shredding machine for universal grinding
Industrial shredding machine RedUnit XRL186

The XRL186 series is the all-purpose grinder in the Vogelsang portfolio. It is particularly suitable for medium and high volume flows with a maximum throughput of 60m3/h. It can easily grind organic materials such as bones, intestines and pork rinds. However, this series can also be used to process inorganic materials such as plastics, metal cans and plasterboard. Here, the machine proves to be very reliable and robust. Interruptions to operation due to maintenance work can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the QuickService principle.

The industrial shredding machine for the rough stuff
Industrial shredding machine RedUnit XRL260

The Vogelsang RedUnitXRL260 is a powerful twin-shaft grinder with an innovative service concept. With its high throughput capacity of up to 100t/h, it is used when a variety of large, stubborn materials need to be processed in a short time, such as whole carcasses from cows, pigs and poultry. But the RedUnit XRL260 can also do a great job in processing organic waste and other areas of the recycling industry, driven by two geared motors of up to 37kW each.

Thanks to its innovative service concept, the rotor shafts can be removed from the side and replaced without having to dismantle feed and discharge systems such as conveyor belts. In the same way, contaminants can also be easily removed, so that interruptions to production are kept to a minimum.

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