Pump and grinding technology for the recycling industry
Industrial applications in the recycling industry

Modern waste management has many facets. One of these is reprocessing of recyclable materials that end up in the garbage. In addition to the separation of recyclable materials from actual waste and hazardous waste, efficient maceration of these materials represents a major challenge, as a huge amount of space is required for unprocessed cans and plastic packaging.

Tough, twin-shaft macerators such as the XRipper from Vogelsang help to prepare coarse and high-volume solid matter for storage, transport and reuse. If you intend to pump the resulting coarse and fibrous matter, then you should use macerators. The RotaCut, invented and perfected by Vogelsang, has proven itself as a cost-effective solution worldwide, as it simultaneously removes foreign matter and heavy material from the mass, protecting downstream parts. Where required, the XRipper and the RotaCut are both available in a combined unit with a progressive cavity pump. This unit is the RedUnit from Vogelsang. This is a space-saving and cost-effective alternative because the RedUnit, like all Vogelsang products, is extremely durable and can help avoid downtime.

Media processed in the recycling industry

Used oil Chemicals Paints and varnishes

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