No other liquid manure pump is as compact and light
Rotary lobe pumps of the GL series for agricultural applications

GL series liquid manure pumps by Vogelsang have been reduced to the core essentials, with no need for a gearbox due to the direct flanged-on hydraulic motors. On the one hand, this ensures a huge saving in space: The GL series is up to 28 cm shorter than the VX series, making it incredibly compact. This is particularly beneficial for transport vehicles but also tankers, where every centimeter counts. On the other hand, their gearless construction also saves weight. In combination with the material aluminum, the GL series is up to 54% lighter than other rotary lobe pumps. Looking at the absolute weights, the effect becomes very clear: the classic GL186-260Q made of aluminum weighs just 158kg. Particularly when it comes to road transport, a vehicle's unladen weight should be as low as possible in order to comply with stringent weight regulations so that the payload can still be as great as possible. Vogelsang's response to this conundrum is the GL series: compact and light but with the accustomed performance. In addition, the new design of the GL series is particularly easy to service, with lighter lobes that can also be installed singularly. What's more, the liquid manure pump also is also incredibly quiet running - another argument for its use in transport vehicles.

Presentation of the new GL series

The liquid manure pumps of the GL series in use
Case Studies for agricultural applications

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GL series in the agricultural sector