GL Series

The rotary lobe pump with focus on power

  • Up to 54 % less weight
  • Up to 35 % less space
  • Easier service
  • Lower power consumption
  • Incredibly quiet running

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

GL series – no other pump is as compact and light

GL series rotary lobe pumps by Vogelsang have been reduced to the core essentials, with no need for a gearbox due to the direct flanged-on hydraulic motors. On the one hand, this ensures a huge saving in space: The GL series is up to 28 cm shorter than the VX series, making it incredibly compact. This is particularly beneficial for transport vehicles but also tankers, where every centimeter counts. On the other hand, their gearless construction also saves weight. Made from aluminum, the GL series is up to 51% lighter than other Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps. Compared to models by other manufacturers, these rotary lobe pumps are up to 61% lighter. Particularly when it comes to road transport, a vehicle's unladen weight should be as low as possible in order to comply with stringent weight regulations so that the payload can still be as great as possible. Vogelsang's response to this conundrum is the GL series: compact and light but with the accustomed performance. In addition, the new design of the GL series is particularly easy to service, with lighter lobes that can also be installed singularly. What's more, the pump also is also incredibly quiet running - another argument for its use in transport vehicles.

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On rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang, wear on the pump housing segments is compensated without using additional parts. This makes the most of the material and prolongs service life.

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Axial wear plates are made from highly wear-resistant special steel and therefore extend maintenance intervalls. They offer protection for the entire pump chamber and therefore not only simplify maintenance, but also minimize downtime. At the same time costs are minimized.

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Quality cartridge: The mechanical seal for pumps by Vogelsang
The Quality Cartridge mechanical seal is checked in the factory and when it is changed, all of the seal components are also replaced. This protects against sudden failures of the seal and potentially fatal damage. The complete unit is easy to change, and the replacement process takes significantly less time.

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VX pumps from Vogelsang have sturdy, break-proof shafts with a large diameter and without cranks and recesses to weaken them. The benefit is that Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps give a minimum shaft deflection even under high pressure, very low start-up wear, and ultimately reduced operating costs and spare parts costs.

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Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are built according to a unique element-based design. With them, the customer isn’t forced to replace the entire body, but instead just the element that is affected. The economical replacement of individual components not only makes maintenance simpler and quicker, but simultaneously reduces the operating costs.

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InjectionSystem for rotary lobe pumps by Vogelsang
The InjectionSystem significantly improves the foreign-matter resistance of the pump. It increases the efficiency and improves the suction capacity through optimized volumetric efficiency. Thanks to the InjectionSystem the service life of the pump is extended. Field trials prove a longer period of up to 2.5 times.

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Radial wear plates are only available in Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps. The wear plates, made from highly wear-resistant special steel, extend maintenance intervals considerablx, simplify maintenance and minimize downtimes. Also your costs are significantly reduce during maintenance.

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Unlike conventional lobes, Vogelsang’s HiFlo® lobes ensure pulsation-free pumping and consequently longer lifetimes for the drive and coupling. At the same time, the suction capacity is increased due to the higher number of sealing lines. The improved internal sealing enables suction from deep pits.

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The speed-dependent displacement of the VX rotary lobe pumps makes them ideal for precise longitudinal distribution within the spreading swath. Either screwed directly into the gearbox or in conjunction with the UDS both versions of the Vogelsang speed sensor are used to calculate the flow rate, allowing precise control of the required spreading capacity.
We offer another option which is perfectly suited to road transport: aluminum pump housing and lobe cores. This helps haulers to keep the tare of the transport vehicle to a minimum and thus increase the payload. The gearbox housing, bearing seal housing and QuickService cover are all made of aluminum. Particular attention has been paid to making sure that all components that come into contact with the medium are lined with robust gray cast iron or highly wear-resistant special steel.

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More compact and lightweight than ever before

The GL 186 series is characterized by its sturdiness and power. As with the VX series, this gearless variant of the rotary lobe pump is just as powerful. The series is currently available in two different sizes. It is particular suitable for use in mobile applications where space is at a premium and a low unladen weight is required yet large quantities still have to be transported safely and reliably. Highly practical optional extras such as our tried-and-tested wear plates also mean they are suitable for applications where sturdiness is essential. At the same time, the pistons can be removed independently for even easier servicing.


  • Liquid manure
  • Tankers
  • Tank trailers

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