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We are committed to our customers and creating agricultural technology that will get the job done in the best way possible. In recognition of this commitment, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) has awarded Vogelsang’s 2019 innovations the test mark “DLG Approved.” The ExaCut ECQ precision distributor along with the BlackBird trailing shoe awarded top marks: for their ease of maintenance, exceptional user-friendliness and especially for the distribution accuracy. Learn more about the award below.

Vogelsang offers everything you need for modern slurry management that you can count on day after day. That is why farmers and contractors worldwide rely on the innovative and high-quality design of Vogelsang machinery. In our continuous development work, we will be announcing our latest innovations in agricultural, spreading and pumping technology. Our Vogelsang Technology Update 2021 virtual event will take place on November 19th. Save the date for this event and stay tuned for more details.


The type of farm, specific crops, soil characteristics – many factors reveal the dribble bar system to be an ideal solution for spreading slurry. This is because the dribble bar will continue to be one of the most important and most profitable spreading techniques, even in the future. Why? The dribble bar system can be used in growing crops such as grain or corn, as well as on arable land. These flexible applications show how indispensable this technology is when it comes to nutrient-efficient, low-level slurry spreading with reduced emissions. If you're using this technology, be sure to use it with the ExaCut ECQ. With the intelligently designed precision distributor, you are well equipped not only for today but also tomorrow.

To reduce operating costs even further, carefully designed dribble hose distributors like the ones from Vogelsang can reach working widths of up to 36 metres. Vogelsang dribble bar systems can be mounted on all towed and self-propelled vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer, capacity, type of tyres or pump system. The extraordinary precision of slurry spreading with Vogelsang dribble bar systems helps ensure even growth and a uniform ripening time for the crops.

Vogelsang dribble bar system at a glance

  • Most versatile spreading technology
  • Optimal use of nutrients: deposited directly on the ground under the crop
  • Up to 55% lighter than comparable trailing shoe systems
  • Maximum flexibility in use with extra-stable boom

Farmers and contractors require efficient pumping technology for pumping from slurry pits or into a tanker that is geared precisely to their requirements. Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps have become an essential slurry technology due to their fundamental characteristics. Vogelsang compact pumps are self-priming up to nine metres and resistant to dry-running and foreign matter. Together with their high performance, they make the tanker filling process fast and straightforward. The pump process can be performed using a stationary solution with a slurry pump installed on a fixed-position or three-point stand, or else at the tank. There are three drive options, including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

Vogelsang rotary lobe pump at a glance

  • Self-priming of fibrous slurry
  • Easy maintenance, quick on-site service
  • Long service life and cost-effective operation
  • Block ring seal for longer pumping times
  • Circulating oil lubrication - additional lubrication isn’t required

The Award-winning ExaCut ECQ
The ExaCut ECQ with the Vogelsang BlackBird trailing shoe system in the DLG test

The DLG has taken on the innovative Vogelsang product combination and evaluated it for functioning, quality of work, handling, operation and maintenance. Both cow and pig manure were used for the tests and the operating steps for spreading and maintenance corresponded to usual handling by expert practitioners.

The DLG results

  • Loading of all outlets in a maximum of 2 seconds = extremely short approach wedges
  • Very low mean deviations in the transverse distribution between 1.1% and 2.2% = distribution accuracy corresponding to a coefficient of variation of 1.4%
  • Easy control of the distributor heads in an upright posture = rapid emptying of the foreign body catch in less than 29 seconds
  • Excellent access to the two distribution heads = quick and easy replacement of the cutting elements rotor in under 20 minutes


ExaCut ECQ: Overview of advantages

  • Maintenance is faster and easier than ever
  • 50% longer service life
  • Even more precise nutrient distribution
  • 50% less power requirement
  • Large cross-sections for less pressure loss
  • Can be used on trailing shoe and dribble bar systems

ExaCut ECQ: Technical characteristics

  • Consistent cutting performance with optimised cutting blade and eccentric adjuster
  • Heavy material separator for stones and foreign objects
  • Leakage control and reliable separation of hydraulic oil and medium
  • Automatic air suction and even slurry drainage thanks to the patented membrane
  • Can be delivered with side filler nozzles in different lengths and diameters
Number of outlets 24 - 48
Hose diameter 40 DN, 50 DN
Side inlet diameter 100 DN, 125 DN, 150 DN

"The ExaCut ECQ system has been carefully designed and provides customer led solutions over and above other equipment in the market place. It offers consistency and evenness of spread, while minimising the power requirements needed. Efficient distribution of the slurry through the ports is beneficial to this consistency. The improved access to replace the ECQ wear parts reduces time and effort during maintenance. The new ECQ is an excellent addition to the Vogelsang range of robustly built German Technology that has class leading quality."

~ Francis Merrigan, Engineering Manager for Innovation at Abbey Machinery Ltd.

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