Steve Baker chose Vogelsang
The agricultural contractor relies on flexible dribble bar systems and an umbilical system

“I chose Vogelsang because they provide our business with good, reliable products and we feel valued as a customer. Our relationship with Vogelsang is important to us at RC Baker.”
Steve Baker, Business Owner, RC Baker Ltd, UK

Our business was first established in 1974 and is based in Oxfordshire, UK. We are agricultural contractors covering a wide range of applications and we specialise in liquid digestate.

We ensure that our investment in the best machinery enables us to provide a quality service when it comes to providing digestate application and utilising slurry as fertiliser. We started our relationship with Vogelsang in 2010 when we replaced the macerator blades on our slurry tanker. I spoke with the UK Sales team and was impressed with their quick and knowledgeable service. So, when we were looking into different methods of application a few months later, I turned Vogelsang to discuss our options.

A client we work with decided they wanted to start using a 30m Control Traffic Farming system and so we started looking into the best options on the market for this. I was lucky enough to visit Vogelsang headquarters in Germany where I could see the manufacturing process and that was really important. We ended up purchasing a 30m Vogelsang SwingMax dribble bar whilst we were there and that was over 10 years ago now. When the demand got bigger for effective methods of digestate application, we expanded our equipment to allow us to service the area. Today we run two 36m Vogelsang SwingMax dribble bars, one running on a Vredo 7028-3 Self-Propelled Slurry Tanker, which was the first in the UK of its kind. The other on a Kaweco/XERION combination tanker.

After consecutive years of good weather, I felt we needed to prepare for a spring with more rain and so I decided to utilise a tanker mounted boom onto the XERION so we could umbilical with it. After two years we decided to upgrade to a Vogelsang BacPac dribble bar, we originally purchased a 24m machine but with the Control Traffic Farming operations we recently changed to a 32m as it gives us a lot more flexibility. Competitively we try to ensure we are offering a service that is unique in the area as well as delivering great results. The clients we deal with are always left more satisfied with the result from our dribble bar system than they would be with a splash plate system. A large proportion of our customers are aware of nitrogen evaporation and they are conscientious of their environmental impact.

It is important for us to have reliable products across all our applications and key pieces of machinery such as our Vogelsang products have to be the most reliable. I have always been impressed with the level of service from Vogelsang UK. We are well supported by both in-field support and parts availability. Our positive working relationship with Vogelsang UK is a key part in why we value them as our business partner.

Customer portrait: RC Baker Ltd

The company RC Baker Ltd, UK
Testimonial Steve Baker
Position Business Owner
Employees 10
Established 1974
Services Agriculturalcontractor with various range of applications
Products and Solutions from Vogelsang 36m SwingMax, 32m BackPac
Total cbm slurry per year 180,000 cbm