BackPac: The dribble bar system and trailing shoe system for umbilical systems

Dribble bar and trailing shoe system for umbilical systems
BackPac dribble bar and trailing shoe

  • Highest slurry distribution accuracy thanks to centrally positioned precision distributor and optimum hose layout
  • Protects the soil due to low weight
  • Headland and part width management, flow control and lifting device can be controlled digitally
  • Transport position behind the tractor for a clear view


BackPac: Flexible solution for umbilical systems
Dribble bar or trailing shoe? Your choice.

The BackPac is specially designed for slurry spreading by means of umbilical systems with working width between 21 to 30 metres. You can use the BackPac as a dribble bar or trailing shoe. Thanks to flexible working widths and the new headland management at the touch of a button, slurry is delivered exactly where it belongs. Depending on the setting, the respective part-width valves are automatically retracted, hose groups are closed and the optional lifting device is raised to enable clean turning without excessive slurry flow. The driver can also return to the original settings at the touch of a button. The BackPac has unique technical features that also protect the umbilical system from damage during turning maneuvers.

"Thanks to the Vogelsang 18m BackPac dibble bar with the DosiMat distributor head, our spreading has been improved overall. The uniform and precise application not only resulted in optimal crop growth and increased yield but also cut our artificial fertiliser costs by £69,000 per year." Pig and Cereal Farmer, Terry Milligan, Co Armagh, Ireland

Additional options such as Comfort Flow Control (CFC) and digitally retrievable flow rate and pressure measurement ensure maximum efficiency and control. The dribble bar and trailing shoe system also offers more possibilities for counteracting oscillation movement. The precision distributor is now almost centrally mounted, making driving over the field much smoother. Placement of the slurry in the growing crop is also made even more precise by the accuracy of the precision distributors and the well thought-out hose layout; optimum use of nutrients is thus guaranteed at all times. For transport, the BackPac system folds together directly behind the tractor. With a transport width of 2.55 metre, the driver's view remains completely unrestricted. Whether as a dribble bar system or as a trailing shoe, the BackPac from Vogelsang, which has been completely redesigned for 2019, will appeal to customers with its lightness on the ground, high stability and extraordinary flexibility. It is a highly efficient solution, especially for farms with rolling hills that usually apply slurry to the field with an umbilical system!

Features of the BackPac

The unit is designed to be mounted on a 3-point hydraulic system.
The discharge hoses on the Vogelsang dribble bar systems all have similar lengths, thanks to the optimized hose layout. The liquid manure reaches the soil almost simultaneously from each one, and spreading across the entire working width and length is also guaranteed. This not only ensures optimum lateral distribution accuracy in the linkage, but also prevents the V shape that can otherwise form.
Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

When this option is selected, the flow of liquid manure and oil to one of the two precision distributors is sealed off. This allows you to adjust to a half-tramline over larger working widths and smooth out wedges in the field. It also prevents overlapping.
To prevent damage to the system and umbilical system as well as excessive liquid manure flow during turning, the control modules for hose groups and part-width valves can be preset so that they react automatically with a single push of a button when driving. If there are lifting devices on trailing shoe systems, they are also raised automatically.
The dribble bar linkage adapts to the contour of the soil. This reduces the load on the vehicle coupling and the entire frame structure. It also means that the hose ends are kept close to the soil at all times, and ensures that the liquid manure is deposited precisely across the entire working width.

Options of the BackPac

The decision on dribble bar or trailing shoe depends on the condition of the soil and the growing crop. In both cases, the BackPac features facilitate liquid manure spreading using umbilical system technology and contribute to the application of liquid manure at the base of the plants for efficient use of nutrients while protecting the soil.
A digital pressure gauge is available for the BackPac system to monitor the pressure at which the pump is pumping the liquid manure into the umbilical system and onto the field. The measured values are transmitted to the terminal in the driver's cab so that the driver can react accordingly. Flow rate recording by a counter function enables the values to be assigned to specific customers or fields.
Comfort Flow Control (CFC) is the universal solution when it comes to shutting off hoses in any system: part-width section cut-offs, tramline switching or DropStop systems. The CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device, downstream of the distributor. Each hose or group of hoses can be shut off from the cab. The CFC is versatile and can be used in any unit – dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems or tillage units.