Steve Jones chose Vogelsang
He uses the SwingUp Slide and other spreading systems to differentiate himself from contracting companies

“I chose Vogelsang because it offers me reliability and the best results for my customers.”
Steve Jones, Business Owner of the agricultural contractor Hooftrimming LTD., Tarporley (UK)

My relationship with Vogelsang equipment started in 2012 when I purchased our first trailing shoe system with Vogelsang distributors. We noticed that our direct competitors were offering splash plates as their service, I felt that we needed to stand out from them and offer something different. So, we looked into a more direct and precise way of applying the liquid manure.

My business is based in the heart of Cheshire and we cover a large area of surrounding ground for farmers. Most of the ground we tend to has been grazed and therefore makes it very uneven, the SwingUp Slide trailing shoe system is perfect to run along the ground and follow its contours.

Since using Vogelsang equipment we have been able to offer customers a more economic and environmentally friendly way of manure application. The product is spread below the plant leaves, this method offers significant reductions in odour and contamination, as well as ensuring maximum nutrients are applied to the ground. My customers have been impressed with the reduction in fertiliser costs because of the minimal nitrogen losses and accurate application from the Vogelsang system. We are definitely providing a high-quality service for our customers and a large part of that is down to the machinery we use.

We are lucky to have such great back up from Vogelsang UK, we now have a 12m Backpac, 12m SwingUp Slide and 24m SwingMax in our portfolio and I find that the machines require relatively low maintenance despite us using them to full capacity. Parts are always readily available and if we ever need service support, the team will be at the end of the phone or in the field to assist. I have always been impressed with the Vogelsang UK team.

Customer portrait: Hooftrimming LTD.

Company name Hooftrimming LTD.
Position of individual providing the testimonial Steve Jones, Business Owner
Machines 12m SwingUp Slide, 24m SwingMax, 12m BackPac
Number of employees 4 full time, 10 in peak season
Services Agricultural contractor; Sowing, cultivating, harvesting agricultural products.