Grinders and heavy matter protection systems for professionals
For protection and optimization of applications and media

When a customer is looking for a grinding technology, the only thing that usually counts is whether the technology meets the requirements, i.e. whether the grinder can handle the medium and application. The details as to whether it's a single-shaft grinder, twin-shaft grinder or a combination of grinders and pumps is usually a secondary consideration or entirely irrelevant. To protect downstream components, however, additional heavy matter protections systems are often advisable.

That's why at Vogelsang, we differentiate between the following types of cutters and heavy matter protection systems:

  • Solid matter grinders: A grinding technology such as the RedUnit reduces the particle size of solid matter to enable further processing without any problems.
  • Wet grinders: These grinders (RotaCut/XRipper) mainly come in contact with liquid media and shred any disruptive matter they contain.
  • Debris management systems: Debris management systems such as the DebrisCatcher free the liquid medium of undesired foreign matter that cannot be reduced by a grinder, whereas the Debris Removal System (DRS) and the Debris Lift Unit (DLU) enable the separated heavy material to be discharged and disposed of.