Environmentally friendly spreading technology for every application
Dribble bar systems and trailing shoe systems for efficient liquid manure management

Vogelsang liquid manure spreading technology means professional system solutions for every application. No matter if you choose dribble bar or trailing shoe systems, our technology impresses with convincing engineering as well as absolute economic efficiency for farmers and contractors. The focus is on one thing only: efficient and precise fertilizer application with minimal nutrient losses.

Vogelsang products achieve precision through technological advancement. Therefore, Vogelsang consistently relies on centrally positioned precision distributors in the linkage and optimal hose layout. This is the only way to achieve absolute distribution accuracy of the liquid manure at each outlet. With clever section control management, the spreading system adapts to your conditions and is well-equipped to meet all requirements. In addition, ideal use of materials ensures durability and robustness of the liquid manure spreading technology. Compact transport dimensions and intelligent units for self-cultivation are a matter of course at Vogelsang. Learn more about our dribble bar, trailing shoe and umbilical systems for liquid manure tanks and self-propelled vehicles.