Highly precise slurry spreading with dribble bar systems
Vogelsang dribble bar system for optimum nutrient spreading

Strong smells and the possibility of harming the environment are not the only reasons that modern agriculture is increasingly avoiding the use of large-area spreaders for liquid manure. It was also in the interests of cost-effectiveness that Vogelsang began developing the first dribble hose systems more than 30 years ago. If liquid manure is spread close to the ground, where it is unaffected by the wind, a significantly higher proportion of the nutrients reaches the crop. Compared to wide-area spreading, nutrient emissions are reduced considerably.

And it pays off, because using dribble bar system means less inorganic fertilizer is needed. To reduce operating costs even further, carefully designed dribble hose distributors like the ones from Vogelsang can reach working widths of up to 36 meters. This enables efficient solutions for any tramline or working width. The extraordinary precision of liquid manure spreading with Vogelsang dribble bar systems helps ensure even growth and a uniform ripening time for the crops.

Cost-effective, sturdy and adaptable: dribble bar linkages from Vogelsang

Vogelsang dribble hose systems can be mounted on all towed and self-propelled vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer, capacity, type of tires or pump system. Naturally, we also offer our own system enhancements, from the world-renowned Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, through the precision distributor, to the trailing shoe – either preassembled or for retrofitting. The more precisely each individual unit in the spreading technology operates, the better the overall result. And this not only applies to the distribution precision for nutrients, it also applies to the functions and lifetime of the units.

Precise work: the Vogelsang dribble hose

Precise liquid manure spreading is very important in ensuring consistent nutrient utilization in each seeding row. The crops receive the optimum supply, higher yields are achieved and the plants are ripe for harvesting at the same time. To help ensure there is no fluctuation in the spreading of liquid manure, the hoses on Vogelsang dribble hose machines are all almost identical in length. This ensures that the resistance to the flow of liquid manure from the precision distributor to the hoses is also consistent. Spreading of the liquid manure to the soil from the ends of the hoses starts almost simultaneously everywhere – no matter what the working width and linkage.

Another of Vogelsang’s quality features are the hoses themselves. Thanks to years of development of the plastics mix, they are exceptionally resilient and UV-resistant, while at the same time featuring the necessary elasticity. Vogelsang dribble hoses can be recognized at a glance thanks to their rigid end pieces. Dimensionally stable and sturdy as they are, the end hoses spread apart the growing crops so that the liquid manure reaches the ground unobstructed and the plants are not soiled. In addition, owners of Vogelsang dribble hoses do not need to spend time inserting and changing the springs that other systems require in order to guarantee a defined distance between the lines. This is ensured right from the start thanks to the immobile hose ends used in the Vogelsang system, adding that a little bit more reliability to an already outstandingly precise liquid manure distribution.

Tailored: linkages for every need

Self-propelled liquid manure vehicles are not suitable for transporting natural fertilizer, but thanks to their powerful motor output and flexible range of applications, they are the right choice for efficient liquid manure management in many situations. Thanks to the good weight distribution and the individually definable tire size, they also stand out for being comparatively gentle on the soil when spreading liquid manure. The Compax dribble bar linkages from Vogelsang complement the impact of the vehicles with an equally effective spreading method for working widths of up to 18 meters.

Spreader-only devices on vehicles without their own tank apply even less pressure to the soil. If the liquid manure is fed via a pipe system directly to the field, the low level spreading flows through a dribble bar linkage attached to the tractor, like the BackPac from Vogelsang. Working widths of between 12 and 30 meters and many useful functions and possible modifications make the BackPac particularly versatile. It is also very simple to transport: the linkage is simply folded up behind the vehicle and does not project beyond it. To make the most of its potential, the BackPac can be equipped with one centralized or two decentralized Vogelsang precision distributors.

As tankers are still the most commonly used spreading technology, Vogelsang offers maximum variety here. Smaller fields and less powerful tractors are also taken into consideration during development, as is the possibility of spreading liquid manure uniformly across large widths. And while the well-balanced designs ensure a long-lasting linkage, they also mean as little strain as possible on the tractor and trailer setup.

The SwingUp from Vogelsang is the most compact dribble bar linkage, making it universally usable, and it also stands out thanks to its low weight. With working widths of 6 to 18 meters, the SwingUp is especially suitable for compact tractor and trailer setups, smaller fields and long fields. The DoubleSwing is also relatively light and suitable for use with smaller tanks, but with significantly larger working widths of up to 36 meters. When fully unfolded, the DoubleSwing dribble bar linkage is towed over the tramline in order to spread liquid manure on the outer areas of a line. When it is folded in, it covers the soil on inner areas with liquid manure. This keeps the pressure on the soil to a minimum, as with the SwingUp.

The Vogelsang SwingMax manages without the need to drive along the tramlines twice. With working widths of up to 33 meters, this dribble hose distributor is particularly effective and exceptionally cost-efficient. One feature which makes the system more resilient is the double-frame design: large working widths cause major strain on conventional linkages. By contrast, the specially designed SwingMax guarantees trouble-free operation for a long time.

The powerful SwingMax 36 from Vogelsang can cover an entire 36 meters. This innovation in liquid manure spreading technology makes it possible to till and prepare large fields in a very short time from the tramlines.

Despite the extreme width, this dribble hose system from Vogelsang guarantees particularly uniform fertilization close to the ground. The characteristics of the terrain are less important here. The Vogelsang SwingMax systems are equipped with a supporting frame with an oscillation compensator, so the linkage is also suitable for rough and uneven ground. To ensure a constant feed of liquid manure to the optimally tared SwingMax dribble bar linkage, Vogelsang installs three ExaCut precision distributors. This tried-and-tested centerpiece of any dribble hose system ensures a homogenous distribution of nutrients in the liquid manure and therefore the soil.

Clever folding: transport and part width management

As a globally recognized liquid manure expert, Vogelsang’s technical know-how is not limited to spreading liquid manure accurately. Flexible working widths also help farmers, contractors and machine syndicates be more profitable. After all, the more variable each individual liquid manure spreading machine is, the less time it spends at a standstill.

SwingMax linkages from Vogelsang can be hydraulically folded in and placed on the base linkage, thanks to the TopSwing mechanism. The TeleShift technology reduces the working width by retracting the end section of the booms. And, of course, Vogelsang has not forgotten to include the option of “switching off” individual groups of hoses, one by one, to cope with all the folding and retracting options. The Comfort Flow Control, or CFC for short, uses air pressure to stop the flow of liquid manure into specific discharge hoses, at the touch of a button in the driver’s cab.

Both the TopSwing and TeleShift mechanisms make it easier to transport Vogelsang dribble hose systems. The linkage can be shortened by up to four meters in length, making it possible to connect it to more compact or shorter tankers. On the road, the reliable Vogelsang DropStop ensures greater safety and cleanliness: all hoses are swiveled up by 180° to prevent any dripping during travel.

All the dribble hose models from Vogelsang are preassembled for delivery as an EasyPack on a transporting frame. If the system is to be mounted directly onto an existing vehicle, we can also do this in our factory.

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