Innovative, solid matter feeding
Reliable solid matter feeders for efficient biogas production

Biogas equipment must be safe and efficient to allow economic operation of the biogas system. In this respect digester feeding has a key function. This is why we have developed systems for feeding solid matter in a mashed form which is suitable for bacteria. Thanks to this feeding, which is ideal for the microorganisms, you can increase the gas yield and reduce your energy requirements for mixing, stirring and pumping. Vogelsang solid matter feeders contribute to a more efficient and profitable operation of your biogas system – and that has even been scientifically checked.

Our knowledge advantage

The systems for solid matter feeding in biogas systems and for feeding digesters, which we have developed and which we continually strive to perfect, have proven their quality on a daily basis in applications all over the world.

Research, continuous improvement, and innovative features ensure maximum efficiency and profitability in biogas production.

The everyday difficulties of biogas

Many substrates contain foreign matter and disruptive matter such as stones, metal parts and sand. In conventional systems this causes malfunctions and damage and increases wear.

This foreign matter and disruptive matter must be reliably separated or crushed, or the plant must ensure a large free passage and be solidly built to easily withstand foreign matter. A reliable and fault resistant solution is particularly necessary for abrasive solid matter.

With entry rates of up to 25 tons of solid matter per hour (corn silage) the Vogelsang solid matter feeders are the basis for the cost-effective feeding of biogas plants with a variety of biomass ranging from renewable resources via waste materials through to food waste and organic waste. Our available sensors and control technology offer twice the safety and allow for fully-automatic operation.

Just right for bacteria but also for efficient mixing and preparation

Unproblematic, energy-rich cosubstrates are desirable and valuable.

For efficient biogas production, it is very important to feed them in with minimum of effort but ideally prepared. The CC-Mix excels at doing exactly that. Thanks to its carefully engineered design, it requires minimum power to mash the solid matter with the liquid suspension to form a homogeneous suspension, thus providing the necessary conditions for optimum fermentation in the digester.

This concept is especially useful for operators seeking to use alternative cosubstrates such as sugar beet pulp or waste fruit and vegetables in addition to the standard renewable resources.

Combination with a cutter and separator for difficult biomass

Waste materials from agriculture, by-products from industry or organic waste, should increasingly be used to generate energy. They are however difficult to handle, they have strongly varying characteristics (from liquid to solid) and are often burdened with foreign matter and disruptive matter. The combination of mixing and shredding technology in one system offers an all-round solution for biogas systems.

In contrast to many comparable feeding systems, heavy material is separated out right at the beginning, before it gets into the digester.

In addition to the mashing, coarser parts and fibrous materials are shredded. This makes it into an all-rounder for difficult input materials.