PowerFill for vacuum tankers

Turbo filler for vacuum tankers

  • Up to 30% less filling time of the tanker with a vacuum system
  • Full utilization of the transport volume via complete filling
  • More precise spreading of liquid manure due to homogenization
  • Simple to retrofit


The PowerFill operating principle
How the Vogelsang turbo filler works

Normally, a lot of foam is formed when filling vacuum tanks, preventing the tanker from being filled completely, as the foam takes up valuable space in the tank. Due to the multiple filling processes, the user loses time that could be better used elsewhere.

The turbo filler PowerFill is designed for vacuum tanks to reduce foaming during the filling process. That is achieved via a generously dimensioned housing, which pumps the liquid manure at a low speed. This fills the vacuum tank up to 30 % faster and the reduced foaming allows the space that would otherwise be filled with foam to be used. Another advantage of the PowerFill filling aid: The liquid manure is homogenized during the filling process. As a result, it can then be spread easily and more evenly .

The PowerFill is therefore a powerful, reliable and user-friendly turbo filler for vacuum tanks that gives farmers time for more important tasks.

The turbo filler for vacuum tanks
Filling aid PowerFill for agricultural applications

Vogelsang's PowerFill fills vacuum tanks rapidly and completely with liquid manure. It is extremely powerful, reliable and user-friendly. The generously dimensioned housing of the turbo filler PowerFill allows it to rotate at a low speed, which maximizes the capacity with minimal foaming. The system is easy to retrofit at low costs. Drive options include hydraulic drive, mechanical drive via a cardan shaft and electric motor drive. The Vogelsang PowerFill fills the vacuum tank up to 30 % faster and also completely. The liquid manure is homogenized again during filling, making it easier to spread more precisely. The filling aid is suitable for all standard vacuum tanks.

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