Factory Training

Factory Training
Gain an advantage with the Vogelsang Service School

Vogelsang USA offers 2-day, free factory training throughout most of the year. The course, your hotel stay (two nights), and food while you’re onsite are free—all you need to do is arrange for transportation (flights and/or car rental).

The service school covers a full array of topics on Vogelsang pumps, grinders and macerators, from introduction to field start-up, parts replacement and troubleshooting.


** CANCELATION NOTICE** Due to COVID-19, all 2021 Factory Service School Training Programs are on hold until further notice. We will periodically review the status of the CDC’s recommendations and update this page based those developments. If you have questions, please emails us at service@vogelsangusa.com

If you would like to attend future Factory Service Schools, we recommend you join the waiting list by emailing us using the link below:


  • Detailed understanding of Vogelsang pump technology (rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps) and shredding technology (RotaCut, XRipper)
  • How to handle our products properly
  • How to avoid errors during start-up, maintenance and repair work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Assessing and replacing wear parts
  • Getting to know accessories and learning to use them correctly
  • Simple ways to solve common problems

Your advantages

  • Reduces standstill costs
  • Extends the lifetime of your plant
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduces errors during start-up, maintenance and repair work
  • Discuss experiences with other participants
  • Training sessions held by Vogelsang at our facilities or your own site
  • Help at the click of a mouse with video tutorials

Your questions on Factory Training - Our service FAQs

Attendees should either be a distributor, contractor, OEM or end user personnel who would benefit from learning about the inner workings of the Vogelsang Pump, RotaCut inline grinder and/or XRipper twin-shaft grinders.

While not as common, we do accept attendees that have a pending purchase or are awaiting delivery/installation of a Vogelsang product.

Our factory trainings, known as Service Schools, are a blend of hands-on product training and in-class reviews of presentations, videos, and finally a certification test. 

Two days, plus travel. Service Schools are always run on a Thursday and Friday, but require attendees to be at our Ravenna, OH facility at 8:00am locally (EST) on Thursday. Attendees are also scheduled to be in class until 2:00pm on Friday. Therefore, we book hotels stays for Wednesday night and Thursday and ask that you book flights or arrange travel accordingly. Note, our facility is about a 45-minute drive to both airports in Cleveland and Akron-Canton.

Service School are free with the exception of your travel to Ohio, and any local transport from the hotel to our facility. The course, hotel stay (two nights), and food while you at the school are cover. Includes two breakfast meals, two lunches, and dinner on Thursday night.

We book the hotel for you and confirm the reservations for Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The hotel is about a 10-min drive from our facility, so having a vehicle is recommended as local taxi/Uber service is limited.

Please bring suitable work clothing and shoes/boots. The shop area used for hands-on training has limited heat/AC, so please check the Cleveland area weather at the time of your training and plan accordingly.


You are looking for technical downloads regarding Vogelsang products? Please find them in our download center.

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