Strip tillage and liquid manure incorporation combined
Largearea or in strips with Vogelsang

For environmental and economic reasons, more and more agricultural operations are incorporating liquid manure directly. This prevents loss of nutrients caused by evaporation. It also reduces the number of passes across the field. This saves time and money and is the ideal solution for making efficient use of nutrients on arable land.

The Strip Till method enables future-oriented agricultural operations to further reduce their costs by combining liquid manure incorporation with the tillage process. Scientific studies have shown that highly developed technical Strip Till units like the Vogelsang XTill® can reduce operating costs by up to 40%. Inorganic fertilizer, electricity, diesel and time – you need less of all of them. The soil also benefits from the Strip Till technology: fewer passes across the field and loosening the soil in strips help the water supply and prevent erosion and harmful compaction.

In addition to the powerful and flexible Vogelsang XTill machines, our range also includes the Vogelsang SynCult, an easy-to-mount equipment set for existing tillage devices.

Gentle on the environment and soil, effective and time-saving

Loss of nutrients in conventional liquid manure spreading remains the driving force behind current developments in spreading technology. Thanks to their many advantages, technically sophisticated Strip Till units like the Vogelsang XTill or direct incorporation using a short disk harrow or cultivator enjoy an enviable reputation. Incorporating the liquid manure directly is not only advisable because of improved yields, it also means significantly reduced time and effort by combining tillage and liquid manure spreading in a single step, thus obtaining positive results particularly for the environment, soil and plants.

Perfectly combined: disk harrows with the SynCult equipment kit

Thanks to major savings in terms of time and costs, direct incorporation is much more effective than conventional liquid manure spreading. With the corresponding liquid manure feed systems, farmers, contractors and machine syndicates have the option of retrofitting existing equipment, which they can then continue to use.

Vogelsang has joined forces with many well-known manufacturers of tillage equipment. This combined know-how resulted in the SynCult, a reliable, long-term and accurate complete set for equipping disk harrows and cultivators. This cooperative development ensures trouble-free connection of the liquid manure attachment to prepared mounting points. Unlike other liquid manure attachments, there is no need for drilling or welding when connecting the SynCult. As a result, the manufacturer’s guarantee remains fully in force.

SynCult systems are delivered with all the components and mounting parts needed to retrofit the desired device for liquid manure incorporation. Besides hoses and outlet pipes, they also include the tried-and-tested precision distributor from Vogelsang, ensuring professional attachment and correct operation of the combined units.

And as an added benefit, combining tillage and liquid manure spreading in a single step also helps you comply with statutory liquid manure incorporation times, such as Germany’s four-hour incorporation rule.

Direct liquid manure incorporation using the Strip Till method with Vogelsang

Vogelsang XTill® units combine optimum preparation of arable soil for sowing row crops and low-emission root-level fertilization. The height of the outlet pipe for liquid manure can be adjusted individually. The height of the star-notched disk blades and the ratio of ridging disks to the injector tine can also be varied. The working width of the Vogelsang XTill® reaches up to 6 meters, and it can be folded away to a width of 3 meters for transport.

According to the range of application, the Vogelsang XTill® is available in two different series: The ProTerra and die VarioCrop.

The sturdy ProTerra and its powerful hydraulic pressurization guarantee a uniform depth of tillage in hard soils. Thanks to the electrohydraulic control from the cab, the machine can be adjusted to the specific operating conditions during travel. Tillage in strips takes place using a fixed width of 70 or 75 cm.

With a flexible row width of 45 to 75 cm, the Vogelsang XTill® VarioCrop can be used for any crop. The depth of the plowshare and liquid manure deposit can be specified independently of each other in the XTill® VarioCrop. There are also various setting options for the type of crop and the existing operating conditions. This ensures that optimum tillage with simultaneous root-level liquid manure fertilization is possible under any circumstanc.

Naturally, all the individual elements installed in the Vogelsang XTill® units are perfectly coordinated and made of high quality materials. In addition, thoughtful details like the hydraulic overload protection make sure that the machines will continue to operate reliably and safely for years. These characteristics impress even first-time users of Vogelsang units.