The future of the progressive cavity pump has begun
The future of the progressive cavity pump has begun

  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Several times longer service life
  • Optimal adjustment for maximum efficiency
  • Intelligent automatic start-up for minimal power consumption on start-up
  • Easy to maintain and low maintenance
  • Features status indicator to avoid unexpected failures


Long lasting full power
HiCone: The pump revolution

Multiplied service life and significantly reduced life cycle costs: With its revolutionary, conical rotor and stator shape, the innovative adjustment system and intelligent automatic start-up, the new HiCone stands for maximum efficiency. Be there at the start of a new era.

Adjustment instead of replacing wear parts: With the patent-pending system of the HiCone progressive cavity pump, Vogelsang offers for the first time a modern adjustment and readjustment system for many applications on biogas plants, which 100% compensates for the effects of wear. Thanks to the worldwide unique, cone shaped rotor and stator geometry, the clamping between the conveying elements can be reduced to the minimum required level. The HiCone progressive cavity pump can thus be optimally adapted to changed operating conditions, e.g. pressure, temperature, wear. During on-going operation!

The result: multiplied service life, longer service life and maximum efficiency with minimum power consumption. In addition, the intelligent automatic start-up reduces power consumption and the costs of power electronics.
Thanks to condition monitoring, the user is informed about the condition of the pump at all times, and the QuickService concept allows parts replacement without dismantling the pressure or suction-side piping.

New and only at the innovation leader: The one that does it all
HiCone characteristics

  • Intelligent automatic start-up system for lower power requirements
  • Adjustment of the pumping elements depending on the general conditions during operation
  • Real-time display of the wear status
  • Minimal space requirement thanks to compact design
  • Easy parts replacement without dismantling the pipes
  • Pressure-stable delivery rate
  • Unique conical geometry for several times longer service life
  • Patent pending adjustment system for minimal lifecycle costs