XRipper XRS186-260QG: Shredding of coarse matter for trouble-free pumping of wastewater
Case Study - Environment agency in Osan


Blockages and clogging in centrifugal pumps caused by coarse matter in the wastewater


XRipper XRS186-260QG – designed specifically for installation in shafts

The customer and the problem

The environment agency in Osan (South Korea) operates the local sewage treatment plant and monitors the sewer system. The wastewater generated by a local village is collected in a tank and pumped to a basin situated higher up from where it then flows to the sewage treatment plant by the force of gravity. To this end, three submersible
pumps are installed in the pumping station. Together they achieve a delivery rate of 200 m³/h.

In order to prevent interruptions in operation and malfunctions as a result of coarse matter such as textiles, wood and plastic, twin-shaft grinder produced by a Korean manufacturer were also installed.
However, their performance proved disappointing and the environment agency in Osan started looking for an alternative solution, one that could also be implemented in the narrow shaft without any trouble.

The solution

It opted for the XRipper XRS186-260QG, which was to be used in a six-meter deep shaft. Due to its compact design, it could be installed without any problems. Directly comparing it with the second competitive machine still installed, the customer could immediately see the advantages brought by the XRipper XRS186-260QG.

The XRipper XRS-QG is quieter and can easily manage greater volumes of wastewater. The QG variant of the XRipper also allows for quick and direct servicing.