RotaCut Inline: Efficient and reliable feeding of digestion tower
Case Study - Willstaett sewage treatment plant


High operation costs for feeding the digestion tower in the Willstätt sewage treatment plant


Vogelsang RotaCut® Inline

The customer and the problem

For a long time now, the Willstätt sewage treatment plant has been using a macerator to feed the digestion tower with raw sludge. This reliably prevents entwined fibres and clogging.

In view of an upcoming inspection of the device, the question was posed as to whether to invest in the existing machine again, or to switch to a new, more efficient technology.

The solution

The decision was made clearly in favour of the RotaCut Inline from Vogelsang. There were many different reasons behind this decision: The connected load is reduced from 7.5 kW to 2.2 kW whereby the energy efficiency increases and energy costs are reduced considerably. Investment and spare parts costs are considerably lower. Service and maintenance work is possible quickly on site and without the need for disassembling the machine and can be performed by the plant's own operating personnel.

Now, after almost three years in operation, the balance is still positive. In addition to the known advantages, there is one further benefit. Thanks to the investment in the new technology, the gas yield could be increased from previously approx. 7000m³ back up to 8000m³ and more, and has remained at this level. This contributes to again reducing the external power requirement of the sewage treatment plant.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut® Inline

  • High energy efficiency, lower energy costs
  • Low investment and spare parts costs
  • Easy maintenance and service on site by plant personnel