EP Series: A new line of pumps designed for the demands of oil, gas, and chemical industries

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Vogelsang, the inventor of the rotary lobe pump with elastomer-coated lobes, has been one of the world's leading mechanical engineering companies in the field of pumps for decades. Recently, they’ve launched the EP series, a line of positive displacement pumps, which was designed specifically around the typical requirements of industrial pumping applications, including those of the oil and gas market.

Vogelsang will be attending the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, May 6th-9th.  Stop by booth #4900 to learn about our EP series rotary lbe pumps as well as other solutions perfect for oil refining and mining solutions.

EP Series: rotary lobe pumps for extreme conditions and high-pressure performance

The EP series handles extreme conditions and constant high pressures. A heavy-duty gearbox allows for a uniform pressure output of up to 260 psi (18 bar), making it one-of-a-kind in its category. The pumps of the EP series consist of a one-piece housing that can reliably pump abrasive, chemically aggressive, and explosive flow media at temperatures of up to 392° F (200° C). Helical gears in the gearbox ensure smooth performance and reduce noise emissions. Pulsation-free conveying reduces wear on the adjacent pipeline while providing a low-shear pumping action.

The EP series’ high-pressure performance and temperature limits make it suitable for applications in the oil and gas industry, paints and coatings, paper manufacturing, glue, sugar production, tank farms, and the petrochemical industry, where our customers previously used screw, gear, and progressing cavity pumps. Rotary lobe pumps save more space and are more energy-efficient and service-friendly in comparison,” says Vogelsang USA President Russ Boring.

Vogelsang has additionally equipped its EP series with an AirGap for high operational reliability. The AirGap atmospherically separates the gearbox and pump chamber, ensuring that in the event of a leak, the liquid will drain off to the outside rather than leaking into the gearbox. The AirGap also protects the gearbox when pumping high-temperature media.

Groundbreaking Seal Technology

High pressures, extreme temperatures, and aggressive media – all reasons why Vogelsang worked with well-known manufacturers to develop two new kinds of sealing systems that allow EP series pumps to be used in demanding environments.

The new seals not only comply with specific industry standards, but they also increase the reliability of the pumping process and help to ensure maximum uptime. Less frequent service deployments also reduce the operating costs of the already low-maintenance Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps.

  • CoX-Cartridge: a double mechanical seal ideal for adhesive or chemically aggressive media.
  • API-Cartridge: Robust double mechanical seal per API 682 guidelines, including the execution of flushing plans in accordance with API specifications. Suitable for use in the chemical, petroleum, and natural gas industries

New Seal Supply System

With the Automatic Supply Unit (ASU), Vogelsang is introducing a unique seal supply system that compliments the EP pump line. The ASU is much smaller than conventional seal supply systems and is easy to install, even in confined spaces. The patented system supplies lubricant to the seal with every rotation of the pump in order to sustain the sealing pressure. This maintains overpressure, extending the service life of the seal by up to 100 percent.

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