Grinding system reduces large quantities of solid waste material

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Side-entry maintenance design provides quick and safe access to the grinder's cutting elements.

Focused on improving the waste-handling capabilities of the food industry, animal processing and related waste-handling facilities, Vogelsang USA is bringing its largest format grinding system, the RedUnit XRL260, to North America.

Nicknamed “Big Red,” Vogelsang’s largest hopper-fed grinder to date is designed specifically to reduce large quantities of solid waste material quickly. The RedUnit XRL260 features two 50hp geared motors capable of handling up to 130 cubic yards of solid waste per hour. The 5-foot by 2-foot inlet handles whole hogs and higher volumes of waste material. The achievable output is geared at fitting a gap in the market overwise requiring multiple grinders or inefficient, high-maintenance hammer mills. Units are available in different sizes with various blade options, offering continuous height adjustment.

After seeing commercial success in Europe, this technology is now available to U.S. and Canadian customers. Existing installations have been able to increase throughput by 50–100% while reducing power consumption by as much as 50–60% when compared to hammer mills and other existing solutions. All applications have reported improved cutting performance while drastically reducing maintenance requirements.

Notable installations:

  • Rendering plants: Handling hogs, calves and poultry — increased throughput by as much as 100%
  • Biowaste, process and post-consumer: This includes organic waste, scraps, pits and tops, as well as post-consumer waste with metal and plastic — 50% energy savings compared to a hammer mill.
  • Slaughterhouse: Bones, innards, offal, skulls — lowered energy costs by 60%, increased protein output.
  • Pet food: Handled pallet-sized frozen blocks of animal waste — increased throughput by 100%, easy feeding, improved operations.

Among the most notable features of the XRL260 is its side-entry maintenance design, specifically engineered to provide quick and safe access to the grinder's cutting elements. A “side flap” is easily opened to remove foreign objects, typically allowing one person to dismantle the one-piece cutting rotors. This ensures maximum uptime and quick, cost-effective maintenance.

“Many of our customers use grinders to reduce the volume of their waste for easier processing and to cut costs for transporting and disposal,” said Russ Boring, president of Vogelsang USA. “We know our customers in food processing or any company handling waste materials will welcome more capacity and simpler solutions to service and maintenance – ultimately saving them money.”

Operational features of the RedUnit XRL260:

  • Lateral service hatches provide direct access to rotors to streamline maintenance and allow the easy removal of foreign bodies.
  • Elimination of elaborate clearing systems.
  • Independent rotor direction and speed to adjust to any type of materials.

Part of the new service concept from Vogelsang:

  • Side panels easily lift up for removal of foreign bodies and maintenance.
  • Direct access to rotors with maintenance that can be done by only one person if necessary.
  • Ripper rotors can be easily removed for quick cleaning, ultimately extending the lifetime value of the machine

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Source: Vogelsang USA