CC series by Vogelsang
CC series

The progressive cavity pump with quick and easy pump service
CC series

  • Easy and quick to service with minimal space requirements
  • No disassembly of the discharge-side and suction-side pipes necessary
  • Variety of options for changing parts
  • The Quality Cartridge mechanical seal can be changed without opening the pump
  • Sturdy cardan shaft with protective sleeve


Design and function of the CC progressive cavity pump
Pumps for abrasive and viscous media

Progressive cavity pumps are rotating, positive displacement pumps. The basic principle of the progressive cavity pump was invented in 1930 and it is based on a rotor turning in a stationary stator. The rotor is shaped like a feed screw with a large pitch and flight depth and a small core diameter, and it rotates eccentrically in the stator. The stator, in turn, is shaped as a matching but double-threaded internal screw with a double pitch. Due to the geometry and the eccentric rotation of the rotor, cavities form, enclosing the medium and pumping it evenly from the suction side to the discharge side; the second flight of the stator acts as a pumping channel for the medium. Thanks to this pumping concept, progressive cavity pumps feature pumping at stable pressures proportional to the speed. Progressive cavity pumps in the CC series are particularly suitable for abrasive, viscous media such as sludge and organic suspension, even when they contain large quantities of coarse foreign and disruptive matter and/or need to be pumped against a high pressure.

Maintenance with the QuickService concept
The easy to maintain progressive cavity pumps

The CC series boasts the innovative QuickService concept, which offers multiple possibilities for replacement of the rotor and stator and for sealing change.

Fast changing of parts
If the pump needs to be operational again as quickly as possible, the stator and rotor are replaced as a single unit. It is also possible to replace the entire rotating unit without dismounting parts of the pipe on either the suction or discharge sides. To do this, simply remove the screws on the angled flange connection and on the pump housing. The unit can then be swiveled upwards or to the side, after which it can be removed and replaced with a new unit. The replaced unit is then reconditioned while the pump is back in service – either by the operator itself or by our service department or one of our pump service partners.

Changing individual components
Alternatively, as with a conventional progressive cavity pump, once the rotor-stator unit has been swiveled out, you can also remove and replace just the stator. If necessary, you can also replace the rotor separately.

Practical sealing change in the CC series
The CC series progressive cavity pumps also offer two options for changing the Quality Cartridge mechanical seal. It can be replaced from the drive end, quickly and completely independently of work on the pumping elements, once the parallel shaft geared motor is removed. Alternatively, the Quality Cartridge can be replaced through the pump housing after the cardan shaft has been removed.

Digitalize your product!
Control technology for Vogelsang technology

Investing in our progressive and smart control technology significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of Vogelsang machines and systems. It captures and continuously monitors key parameters like the capacity or throughput rate, rpm, pressure and power consumption. The control detects malfunctions early, and rectifies them by intervening appropriately. The integrated communication interfaces like ProfiNet and OPC UA can exchange data with other systems or a superordinate control in real time.

At the same time, the web-based user interface displays all key data clearly in all major browsers. Optionally, the data can be accessed on mobile devices for remote monitoring.

Our experts’ experience from hundreds of applications in various areas constantly inspires our software development and lays the foundation for the major benefits for the users: low operating costs, maximum availability and efficiency.

Our range of controls offers the right solution for all machine requirements and all customers’ needs. From ready-to-use, factory-tested and commissioned system solutions for end users, to basic versions for experts who want to put the finishing touches to the control technology themselves.

Options in control technology for the CC series

Discover the CC progressive cavity pump
Interactive features and options

Maximum convenience – assembly without turning or rotating

Force-fit connections between engine, cardan shaft and rotor make pumps of the CC series particularly easy to assemble. Precise positioning of parts to one another like with involute, fitting key or pin joint connections is not required. The cone joint is also self-centering and can simply be clamped or released via a threaded rod. Tedious removal of small pins in a narrow suction housing or similar work is not required.

Advantages of the Vogelsang drive concept:

  • Self-centering cone joints
  • No need to turn the halves of the joint so they are precisely positioned to one another
  • Simple release and clamping via an easily accessible threaded rod

From the back or the front: open, grip, replace

Instead of having to disassemble stator, rotor and cardan shaft, the seals of CC series progressive cavity pumps can be also be replaced from the drive side. The parallel shaft geared motor is simply removed for this. The seal is then replaced with just a few turns of the hand. Of course, it can also be changed through the pumping chamber after dismounting the cardan shaft.

Complete seal set – professional, practical and reliable

Seals of CC series pumps can be replaced in just one single step, significantly simplifying maintenance while also lowering the risk of gear damage. As a fully pre-installed mechanical seal in cartridge design, the Quality Cartridge from Vogelsang complies with the highest factory-tested safety standards, runs with minimal problems, and installs quickly. All seal components are assembled automatically in the factory and complete sets undergo a computer-aided check so that they can be replaced simply and quickly on site. No expensive special tools are necessary.

Advantages of the Quality Cartridge at a glance:

  • Simple and safe replacement of seals, avoiding assembly mistakes
  • Saves time compared to conventional sealing changes

Double the assurance – tough quality, resistance to disruptions design

The generously sized cardan shaft of the CC series also ensures smooth running. Drive power is reliably transferred from the parallel shaft geared motor to the rotor by two robust cardan joints. By means of a tough-wearing sleeve, the cardan shaft is protected from contact with the pump medium and therefore from solid and fibrous matter within it that can cause malfunctions. At the same time, the smooth surface and constant cross section of the cardan shaft ensure that no solids adhere or wind up fibers and lead to blockages. In case of any service work on the stator, rotor or seal there is no need to touch the cardan shaft at any time. This rules out defects due to assembly mistakes.

Advantages of the Vogelsang cardan shaft:

  • Generously dimensioned cardan shaft increases lifetime
  • Tough sleeve for protection of the cardan shaft
  • Prevention of blockages due to smooth surfaces and consistent cross-section

Anti-blocking system: Flow-optimized with generous free passage

On CC series pumps, the suction housing has been optimized to ensure large free passage of up to 108 mm across the entire length. This reduces occurrences of clogging and blockages by foreign and disruptive matter significantly less in the suction housing. At the same time, wear to the protective sleeve is considerably reduced and the cardan shaft remains unimpaired in the long term.

Advantages of the Vogelsang suction housing:

  • Less susceptible to faults thanks to large free passage across the entire length
  • High durability of cardan shaft protective sleeve

What a turnaround – replacement without removal

Pumps of the CC series have a diagonal flange connection on the pressure side. This simple but ultimately clever design concept, enabling the rotor/stator unit, after removal of a few screws, to be simply swiveled to the side or up. At the same time the pump remains permanently screwed into the piping on both suction and pressure side, removing the need to fixate or support the pipework.

Advantages of the Vogelsang swiveling mechanism

  • The rotor and stator can be simply swiveled out as a single unit
  • The pump remains permanently screwed into the pipework for service and maintenance

A service sensation: Easier, faster, more effective

With unique CC series progressive cavity pumps, long downtimes for service and maintenance will finally be a thing of the past. Thanks to the innovative design, rotor and stator can be replaced as a single unit quickly and simply meaning the pump is ready for operation within a short time. The innovative drive concept and the smart swiveling mechanism allow fast and simple replacement of parts without disassembly from the pipework. If needed, the entire rotating unit (stator, rotor and cardan shaft) can also be exchanged within the shortest of times or else only the stator replaced.

Advantages of the QuickService design:

  • Easy and quick service with a highly compact footprint
  • No need to disassemble pressure/suction pipe

No space problems – service and maintenance without disassembly of the line

CC series pumps remain securely screwed in the pipework when the pumping elements are replaced. There is no need to disassemble parts of the pressure-side line and less space is needed during maintenance work. Just 300 mm are all that is required to replace the rotor/stator unit with ease.

Work simplification – less single parts, less work

To remove the rotor/stator unit from one CC series pump, the screws just need to be removed from two flange connections and the central hexagon nut detached. There are no more single parts than this. And reassembling the pump is just as simple of course.

A matter of design – the right pump for the every application

QuickService CC series progressive cavity pumps are available in four sizes with a pumping capacity of up to 300 m3/h. Three different rotor/stator geometries enable pressures of up to 12 bar. As an economical solution for clogging-free pumping, CC series pumps are available with a flow-optimized StreamLine suction housing. If the pump is to be connected to several pipes, we recommend the MultiConnect suction housing. Optionally with integrated heavy material separator for holding back stones and metal parts contained in the medium. Numerous additional options also enable configuration that is specially coordinated to the application.

The series of the CC progressive cavity pumps

  • The small, easy to maintain pump[br]CC44
  • The compact, easy to maintain pump[br]CC55
  • The powerful and easy to maintain pump[br]CC66
  • The large, easy to maintain pump[br]CC77

The small, easy to maintain progressive cavity pump
Progressive cavity pump CC44

The CC44 is the Vogelsang progressive cavity pump for small capacities paired with the unique advantages of the Cavity Comfort CC series. Highly viscous sludge, abrasive organic suspension or sewage is pumped efficiently. Thanks to the large free passage, it is not sensitive to foreign matter and disruptive matter. At the same time, it features the easy and quick service typical of the CC series.

The compact, easy to maintain progressive cavity pump
Progressive cavity pump CC55

The CC55 is the compact Cavity Comfort progressive cavity pump for applications with medium delivery rates. The generously sized cardan shaft makes the pump sturdy and reliable even in challenging applications; for example when pumping abrasive sludges, highly viscous suspensions or digestates. Thanks to the large free passage, the CC55 progressive cavity pump is not sensitive to foreign matter. Service and maintenance work is quick and easy thanks to the innovative design of the CC series.

The powerful and easy to maintain progressive cavity pump
Progressive cavity pump CC66

The CC66 is the powerful, user friendly and easy to maintain progressive cavity pump of the CC series. It comes into use, when media are highly viscous or abrasive as well as contain a high amount of foreign matter, which have to pumped with a high capacity and against high pressures. At the same time no long downtimes due to service and maintenance are acceptable. This can apply to e.g. the dosing of solid matter at biogas plants or the pumping of highly viscous sludges at wastewater treatment plants. For those applications the CC66 is the right choice.

The large, easy to maintain progressive cavity pump
Progressive cavity pump CC77

The CC77 is the largest progressive cavity pump available with the innovative QuickService design. The CC77 can pump sludges with a high foreign matter content, abrasive organic suspensions or liquid manure effectively and reliably. The large free passage also makes it extremely resistant to large-sized foreign matter and disruptive matter. At the same time, it features the quick and easy service typical of the CC series, which is not common for progressive cavity pumps of this size.

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