James Russell chose Vogelsang
He uses a solid matter feeder and macerator on his biogas plant

"I chose Vogelsang, because it is a trusted name and we could rely on their technology."
James Russell, Technical Director, BioCore Roscommon AD Plant, Ireland

Our 1 MW BioCore biogas plant is located in County Roscommon, Ireland and consists of a 2,500m3 digester, 2,500m3 post digester and two final storages with 7,000m3 over all. The plant generates heat and energy from wastewater sludge (90%) and grease from grease traps (10%) and uses a pasteurizing process to ensure the end product is clean and meets Class A biosolids.

With sewage sludge and local waste streams coming into the plant, there is variable consistency of feedstock being fed into the digesters. Therefore, we needed a digester feeder that could handle a wide range of input materials and the ability to process difficult substrates and fibrous material safely and efficiently. Additionally, the biosolids had to achieve Class A designation for pasteurization, thus, a rigorous pre-treatment of the sludge and reduction of particle size within the medium was needed.

After careful consideration with our plant construction company, we decided to use a combination of the robust Vogelsang PreMix solid matter feeder and RotaCut macerator. The PreMix reliably handles the variable consistency of feedstock and also efficiently treats the sludge removing any foreign bodies like stones. The 4-in-1 system shreds un-treated solids and mixes together the variety of biomass to turn it into a homogenous suspension. The RotaCut macerator was implemented as a stand-alone unit for the pasteurization and optimally reduces the particle size to meet compliance requirements. Overall, the operations are running smooth and the plant is successfully producing energy from sewage sludge.

Customer portrait: BioCore Roscommon AD Plant

The company BioCore Roscommon AD Plant
Start-Up 2016
Nominal capacity 1 MW
Input Sewage sludge and grease from grease traps, planed: waste from food production
Setup Two digesters, each 2.500 m3, two final storages with overall 7.000 m3, pasteurization, digestate dewatering, two CHP on the plant
Products and solutions from Vogelsang PreMix solid matter feeder and RotaCut macerator

Further information

One company, one mission

On the island of Ireland, there are now around 90 biogas plants. BioCore Environmental Ltd identified the biogas potential of sewage sludge and organic waste for biogas production in Ireland. Having previously developed and operated a large-scale AD plant in England, BioCore sold their share in this plant in 2016 to focus on leveraging their expertise in the Irish market.

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