Road Pump: hygienic wastewater disposal for coaches
Case Study – T.T.S WC-Mietservice & Raumsysteme GmbH


Insufficient sanitation during disposal; issues with odors and soiling


Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps: RoadPump (VX series) with CollectingMax

The customer

Based in Schönwalde, Germany, T.T.S. WC-Mietservice & Raumsysteme GmbH (T.T.S.) is a certified waste disposal company and operates the service station for disposal of faecal material and wastewater from coaches at the AVUS north curve in Berlin, among others.

The problem – Sanitation disposal

Around 530 coaches a month use the facility at the AVUS for disposing faecal material and wastewater. Faecal material and wastewater are first dropped from the coaches waste water tank into a large, open plastic basin. Afterwards it’s being sucked out by a suction lance. This is not an acceptable solution as it creates an enormous odor problem and additional work to clean the surfaces around the station.

Thus, T.T.S. decided to go with a professional, mobile disposal system from Vogelsang, RoadPump and CollectingMax, which has been used since June 2016.

The suction station has a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump from the VX series, which pumps faecal material and wastewater and disposes of it into the sewer.

The rotary lobe pump is insensitive to foreign bodies. Toilet paper, pieces of fabric and other contamination frequently present in wastewater have no influence on the operation of the pump.

The solution – Advantages in sanitation and operation

The mobile collection system CollectingMax consists of a wheeled drip pan, which the T.T.S employees can easily position under the toilet wastewater outlet on the coach. The design makes fast outflow possible and spray from toilet wastewater is prevented. The wheeled drip pan and the suction station form a system so that odors are kept open to a minimum. A digital counter system makes it possible to track usage of the station for accounting and invoicing purposes.

Benefits for the Vogelsang RoadPump

  • High suction power
  • Resistant to foreign matter
  • Easy to operate and to maintain

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