Avoid high cost for disposal of decentral screenings in lifting stations
Case Study - Tuscan municipal company, Italy


High costs for handling and disposal of screenings in wastewater lifting station


Vogelsang XRipper® XRP

The customer and the problem

Our client is an important municipal company that manages many sewage plants and sewage lift stations in central Italy. On the decentral lifting stations, the wastewater which flows into the lifting wells is rich in harmful matter such as wood, sponges and other sanitary products. To avoid clogging of the difficult to reach pumps and malfunction of downstream equipment by solids and fibrous matter, a screening and filtration systems were installed with the aim of stopping the harmful matter. The screenings than need to be treated as waste, which means high costs for collection, transportation and disposal.

The solution

To avoid the problem the customer completely removed the screening and filtration system and replace them with two Vogelsang XRipper XRP136-140Q inline wastewater grinders. Since then the XRipper reduce reliable harmful matter which is present in the wastewater to an unproblematic size and eliminated cost for transportation and disposal issues and additional reduced the management costs of six downstream twin lifting stations.

Thanks to its compact design, the XRipper additional gains space and makes the entire system easier to maintain.

Advantages of Vogelsang

  • Economic and reliable size reduction of harmful matter
  • Vertical, space-saving “inline” installation in the tightest of spaces
  • Easy to maintain thanks to straightforward access to the functional unit

Benefits for the user

  • Protection for downstream equipment against clogging, blockages and damage
  • Reduced overall footprint of the whole equipment
  • Eliminating costs for screenings management and disposal
  • Improve easy of operation and appearance of the lifting station