BusPlug: Simplified wastewater disposal from long-distance buses
Case study – Goedde Reisen OHG


Lack of solution and standard for clean wastewater disposal.


BusPlug, suction nozzle by Vogelsang.

The customer and the problem – Professional emptying of the wastewater tank

The bus company Gödde Reisen OHG, based in Legden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, offers services relating to passenger transportation. The company, which was founded in 1968, provides bus tours, school bus tours and long-distance bus transportation.

The company is dependent on clean, fast wastewater disposal and fresh water supply for its long-distance buses.

The solution – Standard for wastewater disposal

Since Germany has a limited number of service stations and standards for hygienic disposal from buses in lacking, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG has sought to improve and simplify the disposal process. In a field trial, Vogelsang has installed the BusPlug on the sewage tanks of two FlixBuss long-distance buses at Gödde Reisen.

The patented suction nozzle is fixed as an output to the bus toilet tank. The BusPlug and disposal stations such as Vogelsang’s RoadPump can be connected quickly via a suction coupling on the hose. Thus, the system simplifies the professional emptying of the toilet tank.

Until now, Gödde Reisen’s bus toilet tanks have been emptied at the company’s own depot by means of an outlet under the buses. Using the BusPlug in combination with the RoadPump, the company achieves greater cleanliness and hygiene during the disposal process and plans to install the suction nozzle on additional bus toilet tanks. By using the BusPlug, Gödde Reisen supports a standardized solution for clean wastewater disposal from long-distance buses.

Technical advantages of Vogelsang’s BusPlug

  • Easy installation directly on the bus toilet tank
  • Seamless connection to the disposal station
  • Allows for a clean, hygienic disposal process without contamination or unpleasant odors
  • Can be used on nearly any bus toilet tank

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