Vogelsang China - Your Best Collaboration Partner


Vogelsang China, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vogelsang, was initially established in November 2006 in Shanghai. In the fall of 2017, brand-new factory premises, warehouse and office building were built in Kunshan to serve as a long-term service center, technical support center, and spare parts inventory center for Chinese users. Vogelsang Mechanical Engineering (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is located in the Kunshan German Industrial Park, nearby Shanghai.

Vogelsang has a 90-year history. We respond quickly to the changing times, continuously innovate, and strictly control product quality to meet customer needs while maintaining the values and traditions of German engineering. Vogelsang is an internationally successful mechanical engineering company, and has invented many technologies that have revolutionized the market. Today, the Vogelsang brand is synonymous with quality, service and reliability in more than 50 countries around the world, and a leading supplier of products and services for the treatment and processing of fluids. We also pay close attention to global topics such as climate and environmental issues. We can effectively treat waste from the food industry and simplify their recycling through our biogas solutions, as well as our pumps, cutters, grinders and separators. This is an important contribution to the resource-saving circular economy.

China has made impressive progress in recent years with its huge manpower and resources potential. On the path to become the world's leading power, it has achieved development in various fields of industry. The development of the past few years undoubtedly shows that China's wastewater treatment, various industrial applications, biogas, agriculture and freight transportation and other markets have become the most important markets for Vogelsang. From pumping and grinding technology to uniform spreading and digestion tanks feeding systems, Vogelsang China provides personalized solutions to meet customer needs. Our collaborative thinking and continuous development of new ideas help to propel the market forward with growth: this is to ensure that you are successful in your professional realm - LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY. This is why our technology and leading products have been successful in a multitude of industries in China.

“Vogelsang's service scope includes excellent consulting and understanding in the pre-sales phase, low energy consumption, high-quality durable products, and excellent reliability, as well as the latest communication technology, high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service portfolio. Customer needs are always our focus. 30 years of working experience in the pump industry, and 15 years in China have made me understand that tailor-made solutions benefit our customers, and accomplish economic and technical collaboration based on trust. ”
Walter Horend, Managing Director of Vogelsang China