Optimize processes and reduce costs
Economical and flexible separation

Separation, the removal of solids from a liquid, is becoming increasingly important today. Whether in agricultural technology, biogas plants, slaughterhouses or in the food industry. With separators that can be individually adapted to the respective application and run efficiently, processes can be optimized and costs reduced.

Agricultural farms and biogas plants require less storage capacity for slurry and digestate, as the solid phase can be stored on a silo plate at low cost. The separation also makes the transport and marketing of the pourable and stackable solid phase of the manure and digestate more efficient. Biogas plants can specifically increase the residence time in the digester and thus the gas yield, or reduce the power requirement of the agitators. In the food industry, slaughterhouses and sewage treatment plants, separation reduces the costs of recycling by-products and residues.

Reliable and efficient separation technology with a good cost-benefit ratio is always important.