Vogelsang Czech Republic

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In 2010, the Czech Republic branch of Vogelsang was established to provide sales and service support to existing and new customers in the country as well as in Slovakia.

Vogelsang CZ s.r.o. is based in the south east of the Czech Republic in its second biggest city, Brno. The subsidiary is developing successfully and continues to expand. Aside from being an important brand within the agricultural and transportation sector, the subsidiary is gradually expanding its activities into the markets of wastewater treatment, biogas production, chemical industry and energy.

Vogelsang CZ is constantly optimizing its products and adapting them to the needs of the customers and markets for their success at work: Vogelsang is LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY.

“Understanding the wishes of customers, thinking like them and bringing ideas through continuous research and development. Thanks to this, many of our company's products in the field of pumping, grinding, spreading and biogas production technology are at the forefront worldwide and are successfully used in numerous fields.”
Michal Voronin, Managing Director of Vogelsang Czech Republic

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