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In 1988 Vogelsang AS was founded as the first subsidiary of Vogelsang, starting the process of the company’s expansion. Based in the west of Denmark in the town of Tarm, the subsidiary is providing its customers with quality products and cutting-edge technology.

Strongly positioned in the markets of agricultural technology, biogas, industry, transportation and wastewater, Vogelsang Denmark is especially successful in feeding systems for biogas plants as well as providing supply and disposal solutions for the railway sector.

After 90 years of being on the market, Vogelsang also is a specialist when it comes to rotary lobe pumps, grinding and spreading technology. We are constantly optimizing our products and adapting them to the needs of the customers and markets for their success at work: Vogelsang is LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY.

Due to steady growth over the last few years, we have lacked space in our warehouse and workshop facilities and we are currently finalizing an expansion on that basis.

“We take great pride in delivering the right product for the specific task and satisfied customers are what we strive for in everything we work with.”
Niels Agerbo Nielsen, Managing Director of Vogelsang Denmark

Customer support tailored to your needs

Vogelsang Denmark is also strongly focused on providing excellent service and spare parts. Whether commissioning or wear part service package to guarantee you smooth operation from the outset, we offer individual all-round-service. The Vogelsang service team consists of highly qualified personnel - experts, consultants and technicians, who know your Vogelsang machinery inside out.

Central service number: +45 97372777
E-Mail: [email protected]
Service Times: Mon - Thur: 8:00 to 16:00, Fri: 8:00 to 12:00

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Industriparken 2
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Phone: +45 97372777

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