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Vogelsang was founded in 1929 as a small sawmill in Lower Saxony, Germany. Today, 90 years later, the company operates worldwide, specializing in solution-driven products for customers in the wastewater, agricultural engineering, biogas, industry and transportation sectors. The medium-sized mechanical engineering company now has a workforce of over 1000 employees worldwide.

VGS Tech was founded in June 2011 in Slovenia as a representative office of the Vogelsang Group. The aim was to provide sales and after-sales services to the countries of Adriatic region: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania.

We offer a wide range of high quality products for pumping, grinding, solid matter feeding and spreading technology. We provide solutions for sectors of wastewater, biogas, industry, transportation and agricultural technology. We continually strive to optimize our products and always adapt them to the needs of our customers and markets: Vogelsang is LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY to help you work successfully.

“We have founded VGS Tech as representative office of Vogelsang Group, to offer a wide range of high quality products and excellent after sales services to customers in countries of Adriatic region.”
Gregor Turšič, Sales Manager, VGS Tech

When it comes to service, we leave nothing to chance

We do not only sell products; we offer as well a full support when customers need original spare parts or excellent service. To guarantee you smooth operation from the outset we are always available to you with our individual all-round service.

Central service number: +386 41 244 964
E-Mail: [email protected]
Service Times: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Phone number: +386 41 244 964

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