Grinding and pumping fish waste
Industrial application in the fish industry

Much like meat processing, the treatment and disposal of fish waste is a laborious process as it is subject to strict conditions. In addition to the need to shred bones and heads, etc., by-products such as fish oil and fishmeal must be processed just as carefully as the main product.

Because these processes often take place on board the fishing vessel, the compact design of Vogelsang industrial pumps, as well as the RedUnit with pump and grinder,is extremely advantageous. Fish factories on land also appreciate these space-saving and energy-saving machines. The tough, low-maintenance design has proved to be highly effective and covers all the industry pumping processes due to the many design options, including variants such as stainless steel models for applications in the food sector. Technical additions such as Vogelsang dispensing technology also have had a positive impact.

Media processed in the fish industry

Heads Fish bones Guts Skins

Vogelsang food waste grinder
for the fish industry

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