DoubleFlow and NightShift: Vogelsang presents new equipment options for slurry spreading linkages

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Essen (Oldenburg), Germany, January 15, 2024 - At Agritechnica in November, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG presented the prototype of the “DoubleFlow” double runner for the first time. 

On a linkage with DoubleFlow option, the drain hose is divided into two outlets by a Y-piece. This halves the row spacing from 25 to 12.5 centimeters when spreading slurry. At the same time, farmers and contractors place the slurry in a narrower slurry belt.

“We also rely on the flow-optimized PrecisionFlow spout typical of the BlackBird for the DoubleFlow runner. This ensures precise slurry positioning,” says Henning Ahlers, Sales Manager of Agricultural Technology Germany.

Robust and lightweight double runner

Vogelsang uses a lightweight construction concept to keep the weight of the Y-flow distributor at the same level as the standard runner.

Ahlers explains, “We are breaking new ground in the design of the runner and using a wear-resistant special plastic. Combined with a Hardox steel blade, the runner is light yet robust at the same time.”   

Users benefit from a long service life and low spare parts costs. This is because the steel blade can be replaced individually. The DoubleFlow option is easy to retrofit and will be available for the UniSpread and BlackBird trailing shoe linkage series from summer 2024.    

NightShift: Linkage lighting as a retrofit option

With the NightShift equipment option, Vogelsang is the first manufacturer of slurry technology to offer complete work lighting for all spreader linkages. 

“We are seeing an increasing trend for slurry to be spread late in the evening or at night in complete darkness,” says Vanja Cobec, Product Manager for Agricultural Technology. Furthermore: “This is partly due to the strict requirements of the German Fertilizer Ordinance, but also to the rather wet springs, which shorten the time window for spreading slurry even further.”    

The LED lights are attached to the pole frame at a distance of one meter and can be seen from any direction thanks to their transparent housing. The main light output is emitted downwards, illuminating the working area of the boom. This well-established technology is resistant to high-pressure cleaners and can also withstand the effects of the weather. The lighting can be combined with the new, digitalized EasyControl toggle switch control and dimmed to the appropriate light level. With NightShift, farmers and contractors are optimally equipped for driving at night in the ever-shorter spreading windows. The linkage lighting will be available in the second half of 2024 as a fully assembled version and also as a retrofit kit for self-installation.