ProCapT, eccentric screw pump
ProCap T

Robust progressive cavity pump with compact installation dimensions

  • More compact installation dimension compared to previous progressive cavity pumps
  • Intelligent modular system for low spare parts inventory and more flexibility
  • Large ball passage for maximum service life
  • Low-wear pumping thanks to high insensitivity to foreign bodies


Design and functionality of the ProCapT

Farmers who prefer this type of pump for liquid manure spreading benefit from the reliable Vogelsang pump.

Like all Vogelsang progressive cavity pumps the pump is based on a modular system. This allows more flexibility and less stock-keeping. Different sizes can only be shown by exchanging the stator and rotor. In addition, the modular system offers quick and easy maintenance. The interchangeability, the high-quality and oil-lubricated mechanical seal and the fully welded housing are also positive features of the ProCapT. In addition, the pump has a more compact installation dimension compared to previous progressive cavity pumps.

The pump is characterized by particularly smooth operation. This is due to a hollow rotor on the one hand, and on the other hand to the double bearing in the drive adapter. An additional reduction gear with minimal angular misalignment is optionally available for the ProCapT.

Features of ProCapT

With the help of Vogelsang's high-quality sealing systems, the pump is protected and a long service life is made possible.
The modular design of the pump means many common parts and thus less stock-keeping of spare parts and correspondingly better availability of these.
Due to the small installation dimension, less space is required on the vehicle. This not only saves space, but also weight.
The rotor of the ProCapT is hollow from the inside. This produces particularly smooth running and also saves weight within the complete pump.

Options of ProCapT

With the help of the stone trap, unwanted components are not led into the pump chamber and thus protect the pump as well as all other subsequent devices.
With the help of the minimal angular misalignment of the gear, there is no need to purchase an expensive wide-angle joint.

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