The wastewater pump – incredibly easy to maintain and handle
Rotary lobe pumps of the IQ series for wastewater applications

The innovative design of the rotary lobe pumps in the IQ series is Vogelsang's answer to the all too familiar demand in the waste water sector: "Cut costs and increase efficiency". Whether used as a sludge pump in a sewage treatment plant, as a waste water pump in the sewer system or on tankers or disposal vehicles, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps from the IQ series can be adapted to common installation scenarios quickly and easily thanks to their variable connector parts. The integrated InjectionSystem makes the rotary lobe pumps resistant to foreign matter in the waste water and, together with the built-in dry running protection, ensures high suction capability. As with all rotary lobe pumps, the flow direction of the IQ series can be reversed by simply changing the direction of rotation. It doesn't matter if they're used as a waste water pump or as a sludge pump, the pumps in this series reliably draw fluids from the deepest of shafts. Given their high efficiency, they not only convey waste water, but also abrasive primary sludge or highly viscous, thickened sludge, for example. The HiFlo® lobes invented by Vogelsang make pulsation-free and low-vibration pumping possible here.

What makes these pumps unique is their maintainability. Upon removing the pump cover, all wear parts, which have been significantly reduced in number, are optimally accessible and can be replaced by the user in just a few simple steps. This means that the space required for servicing and maintenance work is next to nothing, which is a real advantage for the user when space is tight, as is the case with shafts or mobile pump units.

Features of the IQ series

Quality cartridge: The mechanical seal for pumps by Vogelsang
The Vogelsang Quality Cartridge stands for modern sealing technology. The mechanical seal in cartridge design is manufactured automatically in the factory, completely pre-assembled and checked by computer. This makes it quick and easy to change on site: assembly errors are avoided and the time required is reduced. This means quick and easy replacement of the shaft seal as well as safe commissioning after seal replacement.

Additional information:

Unlike conventional lobes, Vogelsang’s HiFlo® lobes ensure pulsation-free pumping and consequently longer lifetimes for the drive and coupling. At the same time, the suction capacity is increased due to the higher number of sealing lines. The improved internal sealing enables suction from deep pits.

Additional information:
Larger lobes and pump covers can be installed in the IQ series
without making any modifications; this can increase capacity by as
much as 40%.
With QuickService, Vogelsang’s rotary lobe pumps are very easy to maintain: The lobes, seal, and wear plates can be replaced on-site without dismounting the pump. This saves money and ensures the highest possible level of equipment availability. Long downtimes are cut to a minimum.

Options of the IQ series

Alongside the standard model in abrasion-resistant gray cast iron, versions in stainless steel are stocked as well. Other options for customization include heat treatment and wear-resistant coatings for the wear plates and housing components.
An ATEX-compliant version can be supplied for use in areas subject to explosion hazards.

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