CFL chose Vogelsang
The Luxembourg railway company relies on Vogelsang technology for the hygienic emptying of on-board toilet tanks and the supply of fresh water

“We chose Vogelsang because the TUnit makes it easy to empty and fill the on-board toilets of the trains.”
Mike Threis, Head of Rail Vehicle Service, Luxembourg

The railway network of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is approximately 630 kilometers long and includes a total of 68 stations and stops. With a vehicle fleet of 38 locomotives and 63 electric rail cars, the Luxembourg railroad group, the CFL, transports an average of more than 20 million passengers per year.

The linchpin of rail traffic is the main train station in Luxembourg City. In order to maintain the efficiency of the tightly scheduled rail traffic, the largest rail depot in the country is located there. The interior and exterior of the trains are cleaned, the on-board toilets are emptied and fresh water is supplied in the attached depot. In order to be able to guarantee this, 40 TUnits from Vogelsang are installed there, which are fed by a central pumping station, the VacUnit.

The TUnit is a compact and hygienic solution for emptying on-board toilet tanks and supplying fresh water. The particularly narrow substructure accommodates all the connections, fittings and controls required for supply and disposal. The T-mast is equipped with a hose return function, which enables easy and low-wear handling. The patented EasyConnect couplings enable easy and drip-free locking on the wagon's tank nozzle, which avoids contamination of the service personnel's clothing and surroundings. The prefabricated foundation consoles with integrated supply and disposal connections are built directly into the ground. Then you can set up and connect the TUnits directly.

Customer portrait: CFL, Luxemburg

The company CFL (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois), rail depot, Luxembourg
Testimonial Mike Threis
Position Head of Rail Vehicle Service
Employees 4968
Services Maintenance, inside and outside cleaning, disposal and filling of toilets of the trains
Vogelsang technology in use VacUnit, TUnit