Markus Riepenhausen chose Vogelsang
Future-oriented technology is an absolute must for us – one of the reasons why we rely on Vogelsang

“I chose Vogelsang, because the components match our machines exactly and absolutely meet our quality requirements.”
Markus Riepenhausen, Managing Director of the tanker manufacturer BRIRI, Germany

“We can only survive in the future if we are ahead of the times.” We have been following this motto in our daily life for over 100 years and are convinced that we, BRIRI GmbH Riepenhausen Maschinenbau, can meet the constantly growing demands of the market. Technical innovations form an important part of this. Our goal remains to grow continuously while maintaining the same quality and service, so we can provide optimal service to our customers.

It was with this in mind that the collaboration with Vogelsang began in the 1980s. Back then we were building our first pump tanker. While looking for a pump manufacturer, we came across Vogelsang. Our collaboration with Vogelsang began with our enthusiasm about their technology. At the end of the 1980s, the first dribble bar system with Vogelsang precision distributors was launched on the market. The cooperation was intensified during the 1990s, as the demand for rotary lobe pumps and spreading technology with distributor heads increased steadily.

To this day, in Vogelsang, we have a strong partner at our side who makes it possible for us to follow our motto in our daily work.

Customer portrait: BRIRI GmbH Riepenhausen Maschinenbau

Company name BRIRI GmbH Riepenhausen Maschinenbau
Position of individual providing the testimonial Markus Riepenhausen, Managing Director
The company Manufacturer of vehicles for organic fertilization/liquid manure trucks, liquid manure feeders and manure spreaders
Year of founding Brink- Riepenhausen 1957 / BRIRI GmbH Riepenhausen Maschinenbau 1990
Number of employees 70
Services Repairs to customer vehicles