Stefano Bellia chose Vogelsang
He uses various Vogelsang products for spreading liquid manure

"I chose Vogelsang, because the machines are reliable as well as easy to set up and maintain."
Stefano Bellia, Owner, Soc. Agr. Il Maialino Rosa, Italy

Our family company was founded in 1973 by my father Valerio Bellia, where we first focused on the breeding of bulls and following with pigs. In 2019 I took over the management from my father. We raise around 6.000 – 7.000 pigs per year, with a capacity of 2.500 at a time. The farm also includes the meat processing and a farm shop. Additionally we manage 150 hectares for forages and 300 hectares are used for liquid manure spreading.

Our attention lies with the animal welfare and precision farming. Therefore we like to experiment with new farming techniques to preserve the soil and reduce emissions as well as the use of pesticides/chemicals. For us the reduction of emissions is equally important as the coexistance between town inhabitants and the agricultural works. We want to improve the perception of the positive effects of a virtuous management of natural fertilizers awareness.

"The best set up available for our manure tanker include only Vogelsang pumps and a RotaCut, and we found them great. After that choosing the BlackBird trailing shoe system was simple."
Stefano Bellia, Owner, Soc. Agr. Il Maialino Rosa, Italy

We use the Vogelsang trailing shoe system BlackBird 15 meter with a rotary lobe pump and a RotaCut wet grinder on the Ravizza tanker to spread out pig manure. What I like about this technology is that it is reliable, strong as well as easy to set up and maintain. The use of Vogelsang trailing shoe system BlackBird helps us to reduce the odor emission and also increases the efficiency of the fertilization power of the liquid manure, while at the same time reducing the use of chemical fertilizer to a minimum with a big reduction of the fertilizer cost for the forages production.

Customer portrait: Soc. Agr. il Maialino Rosa

The company Soc. Agr. Il Maialino Rosa
Testimonial Stefano Bellia
Position of the testimonial Owner
Year of founding 1973, generation change in 2019
Employees Family business with 4 people, who are also working at the farm shop
Production Family pig farm with 150 hectares for forages and 300 hectares used for liquid manure spreading
Manure quantities applied per year 8.000 – 9.000 t