A clear "YES!" to the dribble bar systems
Why you should choose Vogelsang dribble bar technology

The dribble bar is one of the most important and most profitable fertilizer spreading technologies. Why? The dribble bar system can be used in growing crops such as cereals and corn, as well as on unplanted fields. This flexibility in the use of this low-emission technique for spreading liquid manure demonstrates how indispensable it is for farmers who need to comply with stricter fertilizer regulations.

As a consequence, the dribble bar system, with all its advantages, is and will remain the spreading technology of the future.

Don't leave things hanging!

A dribble bar system has to be used correctly if it is to be used efficiently. If the boom is being moved just a couple of inches over the ground, then it is being used incorrectly. Vogelsang uses extra-rigid hose ends. When used correctly, these hose ends separate the plants to deposit the fertilizer directly on the soil, as shown in this image. The fertilizer is thus absorbed directly into the soil, while the plant cover that closes up again over it provides protection from the wind and the sun. This keeps nutrient losses to a bare minimum.

Why a Vogelsang dribble bar system?

Dribble bar systems from Vogelsang are synonymous with nutrient-efficient spreading at soil level with maximum distribution accuracy. This is achieved by robust frame structures, variable section control, optimized hose layouts, innovative special-purpose solutions, and precision distributors with a distribution coefficient of less than five percent. Furthermore, the dribble bar systems are designed for maximum flexibility and high effectiveness at the same time, with working widths of up to 36 meters.

What our customers say about us:

Anton Reetz, Agrarservice Rügen, Garz

“Our customers on Ruegen island have very high requirements for fertilizer application, and require a working width of 36 m. With the SwingMax dribble bar system I can meet those requirements with no trouble. The equipment is very well made, durable, and very versatile. Maintenance is seldom needed and is taken care of quickly by Vogelsang's service team, so long downtimes are not an issue.”

Christof Schuermann, agricultural contractor, Boerger

“With the SwingUp system with section cut-off, we can satisfy the exacting demands of our customers superbly. Whatever the crops and weather, the spreading is perfect with minimum odor. That's something that both the farmers and their neighbors are thankful for.”

Norbert Koeffer, Norbert Koeffer Agrarservice & Transporte, Kamp-Lintfort

“Our customers expect a fertilizer application technique that works at soil level, and is gentle and won't harm the plants. For us as a contracting business, what matters is economical spreading. Vogelsang's stable and low-maintenance dribble bar system provides all those things. The technology works smoothly even with different types of fertilizer, and distributes the fertilizer precisely right on the soil. We use the Vogelsang SwingMax system with a working width of 27 meters. It is easy to pull across the field, and its variable working widths with section cut-off allow us to meet our customers' requirements perfectly. Vogelsang also supplies spare parts quickly and reliably, which is another point in favor of the SwingMax dribble bar system.”

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