RotaCut RC Inline: Trouble-free digester recirculation
Case Study - Capital Region Water, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


Daily clogging of the recirculation pumps


Vogelsang RotaCut® Inline

The customer and the problem

Capital Region Water in Pennsylvania, USA is a special-purpose unit of the local government in Harrisburg to improve the water system and the infrastructure of the greater Harrisburg area "from raindrops to the river". The company maintains and operates  wastewater treatment plants and the sewage system of Harrisburg and other surrounding municipalities. The digestion tower at the wastewater treatment plant in Harrisburg was  experiencing several issues. It wasn’t cleaned in 25 years, and troublesome solids from the digestion tower clogged the pumps of the recirculation system every day, which required extensive cleaning. Due to the large number of faults, the temperature in the digestion tower had repeatedly dropped to a critical range of 31 degrees.

The solution

After consulting with Vogelsang and the local dealer, Capital Region Water rebuilt the old system using an existing combination of rotary lobe pump and RotaCut macerator for the digestion tower circulation. This was adapted and upgraded accordingly. After Capital Region Water put the new circulation line into operation, an unusual day followed for the employees: for the first time in years, the pumps did not have to be cleaned. After some time one of the old pumps was used again. And they too now operate with less trouble. Furthermore, since the plant optimization the temperature in the digestion tower can easily be kept in the ideal range of 36 degrees.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut® RC Inline

  • Reliable maceration of fibers and coarse solids
  • Safe heavy material separation (stones, metal)
  • Easy onsite maintenance and service by plant personnel

Benefits for the user

  • Prevents blockages and clogging of pumps, fittings and pipe systems
  • Temperature in the digester easily remain in the optimum range