Trailing shoe system BlackBird: High savings through precise distribution
Case Study - Ebrecht KG


Depositing liquid manure in accordance with regulations, even on steep inclines
Efficient usage of the nutrients in the liquid manure


Trailing shoe linkage with high distribution accuracy and precise deposition of liquid manure

The customer and the problem

Ebrecht KG is a family-owned business in the Leinebergland region of Lower Saxony. The company cultivates approx. 260 hectares, divided into farm fields and pasture land. Most of the areas are located on steep lopes. Until now, the company has spread around 7,000 cubic metres of liquid manure each year using a 27-metre wide nozzle bar with three nozzles as well as distributor heads for widespread distribution.

“We couldn’t place the liquid manure close to the ground or precisely enough using the splash plate distributor heads.”
Martin Ebrecht, farmer

Ebrecht KG was no longer able to meet the legal requirement of spreading the liquid manure close to the ground and in strips on the cultivated area with the distributor heads. Moreover, with its outdated technology, the company couldn’t use the liquid manure efficiently and economically enough, as many nutrients were lost during spreading.

The solution

Ebrecht retrofitted his tanker with the BlackBird trailing shoe linkage from Vogelsang, in the 15-metre working width version. This allows him to spread the liquid manure precisely in strips and in a controlled manner – including on steep lopes. The pointed runners slightly penetrate the soil, so that the liquid manure is deposited in a narrow strip directly under the plants without contaminating them. With the regulation-compliant spreading technology, Ebrecht has already managed to save around 25 tonnes of mineral fertilizer after just one year.

Benefits of the BlackBird linkage from Vogelsang

  • Precise placement of the liquid manure under the plant
  • Liquid manure deposited in a narrow slit close to the soil
  • Highest distribution accuracy of nutrients
  • High stability and long service life
  • Suitable for use on steep slopes
  • Simple assembly and retrofitting
  • No odour nuisance
  • No dirtying of the plants
  • No nitrogen losses
  • Flexible partial-width management