Rotary lobe pumps of the GL Series: Powerful with 150 kg less weight
Case Study - Heßler Agrar-Energie


Heavy components impeding efficiency in liquid manure transport


Reducing vehicle weight with light pump technology
Making liquid manure management more efficient

The customer and the problem

Hessler Agrar Energie GmbH & Co. KG is a family run business in Essen, Lower Saxony and cultivates approx. 500 hectares of farmland. Each year the business spreads approx. 40,000 cubic metres of liquid manure using a 15 metre SwingUp dribble bar system from Vogelsang. For transporting liquid manure, owner Simon Hessler uses two liquid manure trailers with a container volume of 30 cubic metres each.

“The pump installed there weighed almost 345 kilograms. To save weight here, we looked around for a lighter alternative.”
Simon Hessler, farmer and business owner

Components like pump technology affect the efficiency of liquid manure spreading. To make liquid manure management more economical overall, Hessler is beginning with the transport vehicle itself.

The solution

Hessler replaced the pumps installed there with two GL series rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang. These get by without a heavy synchronising gearbox. In the aluminium version, the rotary lobe pump weighs 198 kilograms, equivalent to a weight savings of approx. 42 percent (147 kilograms) compared to the pump previously installed in the trailer.

Hessler: “Ultimately after the conversion, our tankers are now 150 kilograms lighter, yet as powerful as they ever were.”

Benefits of the Vogelsang GL series

  • No heavy synchronising gearbox
  • Significant weight savings of over 50 percent with equally powerful performance
  • Allows for payload increase on vehicle
  • Compact design and easy to retrofit
  • Lobes are lighter and easy to install
  • Easy to maintain, needs little servicing
  • Oil changes not necessary
  • Low shaft deflection, less wear
  • Long service life due to patented InjectionSystem

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