Wine pump VX186: heat exchange recirculation
Case Study - La Torre di Castel Rocchero


Pumping demanding media from jetty to tank storage


Wine pump VX186-140Q

The customer and the problem

La Torre di Castel Rocchero is a renowned winemaking company that produces red wines (Barbera, Dolcetto), white wines (Cortese) and sparkling wines (Chardonnay, Moscato, Brachetto).

The company needed to optimize the operation of a tube-in-tube heat exchanger to cool must. The heat exchanger worked normally at around 3-4 bar and required very frequent soda washes.

The solution

Site manager Luca Mignano’s idea was to increase the rate at which the must was recirculated in to obtain a higher flow rate and decrease the rate at which the cool surface of the exchanger became “dirty.” Increasing the speed of the fluid being pumped concretely reduce how dirty the heat exchanger became and consequently how often it needed soda washing.

To obtain these results, a VX136-140Q pump installed with a 15 kW motor capable of pump a flow rate of approximately 300 hl/hour at a pressure of 5 to 6 bar was installed with very good results.

Advantages of the Vogelsang Wine pump VX186

  • Gentle pumping of grapes and wine
  • Reduced wine oxygenation
  • High suction capacity
  • Service and maintenance on site

Benefits for the user

  • Increased and constant flow rate of must in the exchanger
  • Faster transfer times
  • Decresed number of exchanger cleanings
  • Decreased consumption of soda and downtime
  • Reduced mechanical stress of the medium