RotaCut RC 5000 Inline: Trouble free fecal sludge receiving
Case Study - WWTP Krefeld


Blockages and damage to the displacement pumps of the septage receiving station


Vogelsang RotaCut RC 5000 Inline

The customer and the problem

The WWTP Krefeld receive large quantities of fecal sludge. Problems with stones and iron parts or coarse matter (pieces of wood, cleaning cloths) in the sludge occurred again and again. The pipes and downstream displacement pumps became blocked or damaged.

The solution

After the RotaCut has been installed as protection, it reliably separates all heavy solids. At the same time, fibers and coarse matter are macerated and even larger wooden parts are reduced to an unproblematic size thanks to the AutoReverse function. Blockages and damage to the pumps are a thing of the past.

Thanks to the inline design, no changes at the pipework were necessary. The RotaCut could easy integrated into the existing pipework. It is therefore not surprising that the RotaCut was also chosen for the expansion. Today, 20-30 trucks unload their charge every day at the three septage receiving station.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut RC 5000 Inline

  • Excellent separation of heavy objects (stones, metal pieces etc.)
  • Reliable size reduction of coarse material and fibers (cleaning cloths, pieces of wood etc.)
  • Easy to retrofit due to the Inline design

Benefits for the user

  • Trouble free operation of the septage receiving station
  • Prevention against damages and blockages
  • Less and more predictable maintenance