Rotary lobe pump VX186-260Q: High gas yield due to optimal digestion tower recirculation
Case Study - WWTP Rhineland-Palatinate


Low gas yield of the digestion tower due to unreliable digestion tower recirculation.


Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX186-260Q

The customer and the problem

The gas yield of the digestion tower of a sewage treatment plant in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany was highly unsatisfactory and the operator soon found out why. The capacity of the centrifugal pump used for recirculation was very difficult to regulate. It also was clogging quite regularly. The operator already observed that a displacement pump would be easy to regulate and solve these problems. However, they feared high modification costs associated with changing the system.

The solution

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX186-260Q inclined at 90° is the simple solution that meets all operator requirements. A frequency converter can easily regulate the capacity of the rotating positive displacement pump. Due to the compact design and the inclined installation, the VX series of the rotary lobe can easily replace the existing centrifugal pump  without the need of major alterations.

The feature that most pleased the sewage treatment plant was that all maintenance and service work could be performed easily on-site, without dismantling the pump, due to the QuickService design.

Advantages of the Vogelsang VX series rotary lobe pump

  • Speed proportional capacity, easy to regulate
  • Compact dimensions, easy installation inclined at 90°
  • Easy to service and maintain

Benefits for the user

  • Trouble free digestion tower recirculation
  • Increased gas yield of the digestion tower