Dribble bar system or trailing shoe system?
Whatever best suits your needs!

When used correctly, both the dribble bar system and the trailing shoe system are suitable for low-emission spreading of liquid manure close to the ground. After all, the dribble bar system is also dragged over the ground – but as it has no skids, it both digs into the soil and lies on top of it. In order to reduce wear on the ends of the hoses, however, dribble bar systems are often not lowered all the way down to the ground, and the ends are left hanging 10 – 25 cm off the ground instead. This makes a huge difference, as it can result in a lot of nutrients being lost depending on the weather conditions. 

Most importantly, the liquid manure lands on the plants instead of under them if the dribble bar system is being used on grassland or growing crops. Trailing shoes penetrate the ground at the base of the plants, then distribute the liquid manure. However, trailing shoe systems are somewhat heavier, as they need to actively apply pressure in order to do this. Thanks to a range of weight-optimization measures, Vogelsang trailing shoe systems can achieve working widths of up to 30 m.

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An example comparison between the SwingUp dribble bar system and the BlackBird trailing shoe system

Requirement SwingUp BlackBird
Field type Arable land Mainly grassland
Ground conditions Relatively even Uneven
Working widths Up to 18 m Up to 15 m
DropStop Yes Yes
Part-width section cut-off Optional Yes

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