Fighting oil spills on the surface of the water using rotary lobe pumps
Industrial pumps for the oil spill recovery industry

On the water and when fighting oil spills, time and safety are absolutely crucial for the successful prevention of environmental and human catastrophes. Their light weight and low space requirements along with their high pumping capacity make Vogelsang pumps highly valued for the construction of skimmers and side collectors. The combination of the unique rotary lobes and the housing design result in a smooth pumping action that prevents the emulsification of oil-polluted water. The self-priming pump technology overcomes height differences of up to eight meters, and is designed for pressures up to 16 bar. Mounted on a base or on a trolley, it thereby provides a highly efficient, mobile solution for the skimming of oil from the water surface.

The hydraulic drive on the compact pumps also enables underwater intake and expulsion of the environmentally harmful medium, including possible foreign matter. Even solid matter of up to 90 mm does not interfere with the reliable pumping process. Depending on their configuration, these tried and tested, dry running resistant machines can even pump bitumen. They can do this in both directions, which is why they are often used to empty oil tanks and as feeder technology for centrifuges.

Vogelsang industrial pumps
for oil spill recovery

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