The completely pre-installed system solution offers maximum safety and convenience, especially when retrofitting machines and systems. All Vogelsang machines and additional components (e.g. fittings and sensors etc.) are installed before delivery and connected to the control. That also includes the power electronics and safety technology. The entire unit is commissioned and tested before delivery. All that is left to do on-site is to install and connect it. No programming work is required either, as the system solution is fully functional immediately. Thanks to the interplay of sophisticated software and perfectly tailored sensors, the system solution offers you the best possible performance as well as efficient, power-saving and material-friendly operation. Optionally, the system can be connected quickly and easily to the existing plant control network via ProfiNet or OPC UA, and transmit data like measurements and status information in real time. The easy-to-understand PCU user interface offers quick and simple access to all operating data, even on-the-go via tablet or smartphone.