System solutions
Complete solutions for every need - always ready to use!

Vogelsang system solutions are the base for an optimally coordinated biogas plant. We provide you with customized system solutions for every need. Whether building a new plant or retrofitting an existing plant - each system solution is optimally tailored to your installation and fully configured.

With the complete solutions from Vogelsang, you always play it safe!

Your ready-made solution

We offer completely preassembled system solutions, e.g. B. for retrofitting. All components such as pumps and cutters along with valves and sensors, are assembled and connected to the PCU control. Of course, each unit is tested in advance, so that the system solution only has to be installed on-site and connected to the power grid.

The clear and self-explanatory visualization of the PCU offers you quick and easy access to the data of your system. This can be done directly via the PCU or conveniently using a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the entire unit can be connected to the existing system control via ProfiNet. This means that all measured values and status information can be easily transmitted.

The complete solution for plant builders

Vogelsang offers the OEM version, especially for plant manufacturers. Here, too, a complete assembly including wiring, commissioning and function test is carried out. Hardware, sensors and software are optimally coordinated and enable the best possible performance of the entire unit. All status information and measured values are transmitted to the overall control via ProfiNet.

Your advantage as a system builder: You will install and connect to a power supply, the frequency converters, the operating elements and the safety technology. Your customer receives a system completely installed by you.

The advantages of a system solution at a glance

  • Fully preassembled unit with perfectly matched components
  • Tested functionality thanks to factory commissioning
  • Simple and uncomplicated installation and commissioning on-site
  • Simple and flexible integration into the existing control technology
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