The economical basic cutter
RotaCut RC

The economical wet cutter
Wet cutter RotaCut RC

The RC series RotaCut are the tried and tested basic version of the wet cutter RotaCut. With flow rates up to 600 m³/h, they deliver reliable and economical cutting of fibers and disruptive matter in straightforward applications, and also separate heavy material, thereby protecting downstream parts and components from damage, blockage and entangled material, e.g. in wastewater technology and industry. Thanks to diverse options, the RC series can be individually configured for the respective task. From cost-effective straightforward pump protection for temporary use through to reliable preparation of media in everyday operation. For drive power, there is a choice between hydraulic and geared motors. Thanks to the pivoting cutter head, maintenance and checking the cutter head is always easy, and if needed, the cutting blades and cutting screen can be quickly replaced.